10Km Training Plan

Prepared by Paul Fletcher M60, 800m, 1500m 10,000m European Champion Italy - 2019. Online Coaching

The 10km distance is not a great deal different from the 5km training plan. You have to do longer runs and more of them and the intervals are longer but basically the plan is then the same. On the 5km we just alternate between a long run and intervals. On the 10km plan we will do two days of longer runs and then do intervals. Need a personal running plan  Fill out the form below. This is just a guide, if you need  specific plan, please contact me

Day 123456
90min60min5km Paced Intervals90min3km paced intervals.60min
90min5km Paced Intervals90min60minMile paced intervals90min

5km Paced Intervals Alternate weekly between 6 x 1000m & 4 x 2000m, with 2min rest.

3km Intervals 8 x 800m Alternate with 1min, 2min, 1min rest....

Mile intervals 10 x 400m

Of course this is only a two week programme and any programme needs to be progressive to be effective. Please read the section on making a training programme progressive

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