Pilates for runners

Core Stability For Runners


Core stability is the ability to control the position and movement of the central portion of your body. It is possible to target this area with specific exercises. Online Coaching contact me  Paul Fletcher

Good core stability will maximise running performance and help prevent injuries. Any body has power and that power must be controlled. A conditioned core will help to control that power, allowing  a smoother, more efficient running posture.

runnign holidays core stability with pilates


"Lie down on Stomach"

"Lift onto Elbows & Toes"

"Note, keep straight as a Plank and try and relax"

"Hold for 30 secs, increase to 60 secs, as you get fitter"


"Lie down on stomach, bend knees, hands softly touching sides of your head"

"Slowly lift your left shoulder, touch right knee with left elbow -  lower back down"

"Slowly lift right shoulder, and touch left knee with right elbow - lower back down"

"Repeat 2 sets of 10"

" Key to this ( all ) exerciser, is to do it very slowly.

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Core stability with runnign holidays

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