Your Perfect Tempo

What is Tempo Pace or should I say Threshold Pace

Want to improve your endurance, read on.  But first, what pace is your Tempo Pace.  Also known as... aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold, lactate turnpoint and others ! Online Coaching contact me Paul Fletcher

It is the pace at which Lactate steadily increases in your blood.

How lactate affects your muscles.

Lactate is usually associated with running at anaerobic paces, which of course is true but then then this speed is different for everyone. Lactate is a by-product of exercise, being produced all the time, any time you move a muscle even if only to get out of bed !

At low intensity exercise levels, lactate is dispersed almost as quickly as it's formed, a little leaks from the muscles into the blood but this is miniscule. At higher levels say, jogging or even moderate-paced running, you produce more but again, it is dispersed throughout the body. More finds its way into the blood stream but at this intensity of exercise, it is not s problem. All this changes at OR around tempo pace, ( Lactate Threshold Pace ), according to Jack Daniels, it is the pace you can hold for 1 hour, that equates to about 15km per hour,after which it rises very fast.

Rising lactate levels and fatigue, go hand in hand, and although lactate is no longer the evil we once thought it was, we search to find ways to train the body to use it more effectively. It is possible to train the body to postpone the point at which blood lactate starts to rise. This is in fact, precisely what threshold training, in all of its confusing forms, ( names ) is trying to do, train your body to disperse lactate acid.

The right pace for training

Example 1) A person capable of running @ say 55min for 10km, their lactate pace would be about, 10.8km/hr.

Example  2) a person running @ say 50min for 10km, their pace would be about, 11.8km/hr

Example 3) a person running @ say 45min for 10km, their pace would be about, 13.1km/hr.

Find Your Tempo

Week 1. Warm up for 15min, 5 x 3min @ tempo pace, jogging for 1min between each. If you need to walk, then your pace is too quick, ease back a little.

Week 2. Warm up for 15min, 5 x 4min @ tempo pace, jogging for 1min between each.

Week 3. Warm up for 15min, 4 x 5min @ tempo pace, jogging for 1min between each.

Week 4. Warm up for 15min, then a steady tempo pace for 20min.

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