Amanda, winning the 65km Perimetral


Paul @ the World Championships 2019


Paul above, a former UK Athletics coach of 20 years, running for team GB @ the World Championships 2019, M60 age group.

Paul has just been nominated for British Masters Athlete of the year 2019.  Vote Here, scroll down the page to Masters Athletes.

UK Ranking No.1 in 2018 for 800m.

UK Ranking No.1 in 2019 for 800m, 1500m & the Mile.

Winner of the London Westminster Mile. 

800m Gold Medalist @ European Championships Italy 2019

1500m Gold Medalist @ European Championships Italy 2019

10,000m Gold Medalist @ European Championships Italy 2019

1500m Bronze Medalist @ World Championships Poland 2019

Our Story

Having always loved running and sport, we thought we would give people the opportunity to keep  fit while on holiday or take a week out for some warm weather training, away from the cold and wet of Northern Europe.

Having always run in the cold winter months in the UK, the Costa Blanca is just so different. In the UK, if you do not run in the rain, you will miss a lot of training. It does not rain often here but last time it rained I went out for a run, it was fabulous. I don't want it rain every day but when it rains after say 6 months, it feels great to get out. The difference is, it is not cold here if and when it rains, so I decided to have a jog and yes it was really enjoyable.

Open 365 days of the year, we offer weather in the winter months which is not just warmer than Northern Europe but it is dry, which for runners is just great.

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