Amanda, winning the 65km Perimetral Paul @ the World Championships 2019

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, we give runners what they want. How do we know because we are competitive runners ourselves and know what it takes to train to win. Training is about consistency and that is what the weather here does for us, makes our training consistent. Every day, sometimes twice a day, we train. However the majority of our guests are single and beginners, so we train at their pace, at  what ever distance they wish from 5km to 30km.

Our Story

Having always loved running and sport, we thought we would give people the opportunity to keep  fit while on holiday or take a week out for some warm weather training, away from the cold and wet of Northern Europe.

Having always run in the cold winter months in the UK, the Costa Blanca is just so different. In the UK, if you do not run in the rain, you will miss a lot of training, here,  I have not run in the rain in 14 years and not missed a day.

Open 365 days of the year, we offer weather in the winter months which is not just warmer than Northern Europe but it is dry, which for runners is just great.