Aerobic Endurance Running

Endurance is how far a person can run at a maximum pace without their heart rate going above a certain threshold. This is a steady pace, which uses oxygen for energy. Once above a certain threshold, the heart rate will rise quite rapidly, the oxygen will not be enough energy for the athlete and fatique sets in.   Online coaching with me Paul Fletcher

**The figure below will vary ! depending upon which Country or University has done the research

Figures would suggest the mile is **84% Aerobic but lets look more closely at that. If an elite runner races a mile, he may take just 3min 47secs. So this means that it is not the mile that is 84% Aerobic but the time taken, which is 3min 47secs for an elite athlete.

Taking time into consideration we have Aerobic Endurance as

Time                 Aerobic Endurance %

20secs                                            1%

45secs                   between 40 & 60%

2min                                          70%

4min                                           84%

28min                                         95%

60min                                         99%

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