Vary your intensity

Your running fitness is determined by a number of factors.

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  • The volume of running you do each week.
  • The general intensity of runs each week.
  • The challenge level of your hardest individual run.

Because of these factors, a week of training, say, alternating between hard and easy runs will make you fitter than a week of equal intensity runs, which are moderately challenging.

Typical Weekly Schedule

A typical week should include a relatively short hard run, an interval session, a longer run at a moderately high intensity and lastly a long endurance run. A maximum of three hard sessions per week no more. These hard sessions alternate with easier sessions.

  • Monday - 60mins.
  • Tues -  Interval session, example 5 x 1000m .
  • Wed - 90min
  • Thurs - between 15 & 25mins moderately hard
  • Friday - 60min A faster longer run.
  • Sat - Interval session, example 8 x 800m

How Fast...should you train

The majority of runners train far too hard and fast. It is easy to think that the harder you train the faster you will become and to a certain extent, that is true, as you must train at race pace. However 80% of your running should be done at 80% effort. The distance does not matter, always run at 80%. If you run for 60min, the distance you cover is, what ever distance you could cover at race pace in 50mins. If you run for 90mins, then cover the distance you could race in 75mins.

The speed of Intervals

Intervals or speed sessions are generally the same, these are done at 80%, unless race specific. Example

  • 5 x 1000m @ 80% is  your 5km race pace.
  • 8 x 800m   @ 80% is  your 3km race pace - these are tough !
  • 10 x 400m @ 80% is  your Mile race pace.

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