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Free running training plans for 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon. Online coaching and bespoke training plans.

I am a qualified UK Athletics running coach and have been coaching since 1998

Absolute Beginners

This is where it may start for you.  If you are new to running, or have had a long break this is the plan for you. It is an 8-week schedule. Starting easy, with a mix of jogging and walking, just as we all did when we started. this plan will to get you fit enough to run 5k, your first park run. Park runs really are a good way to monitor your fitness and of course catch the person in front.... next week ha ha, of course the one behind has you in their sights. This will be the biggest step up in your fitness that you are liable to take. This is bigger than 10km or Half Marathon, because from nothing to 5km is huge. Once you are fit enough to run 5km ( 30mins ) say 8 weeks, you realise that 10km really is an something to think about and you just step up and do it

Beginner to 10km

Most people say to me, it is easy for you ! Well I can tell you, it is just as hard for me. Why, because like you I am running as fast as I can every time I race, just like you will. Ok, I may run a little faster but in 8 weeks so will you.

So you can now run for 30mins or 5km, which ever comes first and you are now looking for a new goal and that must be 10km. There are so many 10km around you can choose one almost any weekend of the year.

Your aim now must be to run continuously for 60mins, why, because it is liable to take you about 55 or 60mins to complete. So if you aim to be able to run for about 55 or 60mins you will be fine. This programme will enable you to take the step from 5km to 10km. Remember as you go further you tend to slow down ( we all do ) so your 10km race time will be just over double your 5km time. A 5km time of say 28.50 would give a 10km time of about 60min.

Beginner to Half Marathon

I would assume you are running at least three times per week but four would be better. If you wish to improve the more time you spend training the more endurance you are liable to have. Elite athletes train twice a day, many train three times per day. It is all about time on your feet, you spend more time training then your competition and you should win. Of course it helps if you know what you are doing. If you jog 18km every day, you will be training more than most. I tend t run about 12km most days and run faster than most. I am currently the fastest in the UK over 800, 1500 and 3000m for my age category. I have these results because of the specific training I do not the total distance I do during the week. Anyone can jog for 90mins but try this for just 60mins

Jog for 100m, sprint 100m, jog 100, sprint 50m, jog 100m sprint 150, again. and again... etc

I have lost count of the number of athletes I have helped over the last 20 years, I  have coached athletes through every distance from 800m, to the multi stage Ultra Marathon Des Sables.

If you think you are not good enough to have a coach, think again. The majority of runners that I help are just average runners, who don't want to make mistakes and want every training session to count.

E mail your details, to

  • Name, Gender and age
  • How often you run per week
  • Your longest run during the week
  • Your current time for a 5km park run or other. No time, that's ok, we will find out together.
  • How many times you can train per week, assume this is 60mins in duration
  • Your goal or race and date


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