Trail running Spain

Our Approach

Simple really, everyone here loves what they do, trail running. We have been offering running holidays since 2005, road, trail and track. The majority was road running but now everyone wants something different and we have seen a move over to trail running for many. Everyone appears to have done a Marathon or two, so they now want more than just a road run, they want a trail of 20km, 40km or 100km. We ( our guides and myself ) offer to run as far or for as long as you wish, the most we have run is 12hrs but normally it is about 90min, with quite a few guests wanting a little more.

Escape the city, trail running.

Trail running is not about the distance covered but time on your feet, it is this that some road runners don’t seem to grasp as quickly as they should. A 15km run on the road may take you say 70mins, that same distance on the mountain trails can be more the double that time and hard running.

Many prefer trail running because it is never really a race and everyone does tend to stick together, even the ones who get in front, wait for those behind. It is a different mentality of runners who are not afraid to enjoy the run and their surroundings.

If you love trail running, here is your opportunity to Escape to your perfect break. Our aim is to create an ideal balance of fun, adventure, exploration and relaxation. We have different trails for various levels of ability, so all levels are catered for. Never been on a trail before, don’t worry, for many this is their first trail running experience. Whilst for others, they trail run every weekend, with us.

Trail running

Girls trail running in Spain

Amanda run in the sun, warm weather training

Amanda & Ross

Marathon Des Sables

On the Trail in Spain

Femi trail running

Femi Mary Lucy

A trail of 6000 steps

The Barranco del Infierno 6000 steps

Benidorm Spain

Above Benidorm

Your first Step on the trail starts here…

Our trails runs are often in the nearby mountains of the Costa Blanca, over looking the Mediterranean Sea Lets run