Marathon Training Plan - Made easy

Prepared by Paul Fletcher M60, currently ranked No. 1 in UK 800m. 1500m, 1 mile - 2019

The key to a good Marathon is a long run within the programme, this of course is almost always at the weekend. The length of the long run is ( my thoughts as a qualified endurance coach) dependent upon your estimated finishing time. Obviously a person with an expected finishing time of say 4.5hrs needs a longer run than someone finishing in 2hrs 15min.

I believe it is time on your feet that counts, if you can get out for just 30mins then go for a run. I believe the long run should be approximately 65% of your estimated finishing time. If you estimate your finishing time to be 4hrs, ( This equates to about 49min for 10km road race) then your long run should be about 2hrs 40min. Start at 60min and add 10min per cycle.

  • Day 1 – Build up to 2 hours, 40 minute. Start with 1 hour and add 10 min per cycle
  • Day 2 – 30 min Easy  run
  • Day 3 – 5k pace – 6 x 1000m with 90sec rest
  • Day 4 – 60 min Easy  run
  • Day 5 – Rest
  • Day 6 – Marathon rehearsal pace – Run 8 miles, add 1 mile per cycle, until you reach  18 miles
  • Day 7 – 10k pace – Build up to 6 x 1000m with 90secs rest
  • Day 8 – 60 min Easy
  • Day 9 – 3k pace – 8 x 800m @ with 2min recovery
  • Day 10 – Rest
  • Day 11 – Half-marathon pace – Run 10 miles
  • Day 12 – 35 min Easy recovery run

Your next step is to contact us for some warm weather training

After reading this, you may be wondering if a Marathon is for you, give it a try