Malaga World Championships

Online Coaching For Runners

I qualified as a UKA coach 20 years ago and have helped runners from all over the world reach their personal goals. 

You may have tried an off the shelf training plan and found you had trouble sticking to it or the plan did not take into account your weekly routine. With my online coaching we are in touch every week and you can e mail me any time of the day.  I just don't write plans, I tell you why you are doing a particular training session and what the objectives are. It is no good being told to run at particular pace but have no idea why. You will know why you are doing each session and what is expected.

How It Works

I send you an e mail with a number of standard questions, which include your goals, objectives, current fitness and pace for say, a 5km race. It also asks how many times you can train, your work commitments and more. The schedules tend to be  put together in 6 week blocks. We then have an assessment and time trial, which may just be a park run. We can then move forward to the next 6 week block. If you have a race in mind, I can tailor the schedule for this. I will be there for you 24hrs a day for any questions you may have.


  • £65 for the first 6 week block
    (minimum term 1 x 6 week block )
  • £40 for every  6 week block thereafter.

If you wish to see an example of a training plan, just ask.

If you would like to start training with me  or have any questions, please just ask

The Right Coach

So how do you choose the right coach. This may be a yoga teacher, a Pilates teacher of a personal trainer in the gym. Simple really, look at the coach in the gym and ask yourself if you wish to look like them because after a period of time you will, look just like them. I have seen personal trainers in the gym with huge arms and skinny frogs legs. ( who would choose to look like that ) I think it is because the mirrors in the gym are at such a height, their legs don't show ! Then there are the coaches at running clubs, who either don't run and they are over weight or run ever so slow, yet they train others. 

I want a coach I can be proud of and tell everyone he/she is my coach. They should be an ambassador for the sport, reasonably fast ( running coach )  and it would be good if they have been coaching for a number of years.

My times for 10km through to 1500m and 800m have been coming down now for 3 years and still they come down. I am now the fastest 800m & 1500m runner for my category in the UK and 4th in the World over 1500m ( Malaga 2018 ).

I am currently training for the Indoor World Championships in Poland next March, were I will enter the 3000m, 800m and 1500m. Do I expect to win, well, yes I do. You have to believe you can win and I do believe I will win. I train almost every day, training twice every other  day, alternating between long runs and interval sessions.

Winning is not just about your fitness,  if you start your race thinking you are second best, that is the best you will do. You have to have a positive attitude to win, I think I can win in Poland and with a positive attitude so can you.

Help Me Find My Full Potential...

The majority of runners that I coach are just normal people like you. They thought they were not fast enough or good enough to have a personal coach. No one gets to the top by themselves. If you wish to improve,  fill your potential, then contact me today and ask about the coaching options.