Running Holidays Easter Holidays 2020

When is Easter 2020, how is the holiday date decided and why does it change each year?

Easter is dictated by the cycle of the full moon, thus the date changes every year. Easter Sunday being the first Sunday after he 7th full moon after Christmas.

Easter Sunday is on the 12th of April 2020. With races here almost every weekend and a series of 12 races in local towns around the area. Come and join the fun, take part in a race in the Sunshine of Spain.

runnign holidays in Teulada Spain with runnign holidays Spain

Racing Easter 21 April 2019

Our local town 10km Road Race Series, April 2019. Join the race, with over 1500 runners

running holidays by the beach

The cool down

The cool down in the sea, very close by…and then a coffee.

Join us at Easter…

Check availability, as we are liable to be full, see you soon Happy Easter