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Running Holidays for Beginners

Yes I currently run for team GB, don't let that put you off in any way, we have all levels of runner here, many beginners.  As many of our guests are beginners, the programme may involve a little walking and jogging. You will be training at your current level of fitness and will not be asked to run with others of a different ability.

A question we are often asked, Will I be fit enough to join you ? We have had guests join us for a walking holiday, if that is all you wish to do, that is fine.

Running For Fitness

If you wish to get fit and escape the UK weather, join us here in sunny Spain. You may just wish to get fit enough for your first 5km Park Run. Before long you will be entering 5km races and Park Runs every week, feeling good and looking fabulous.

We run on trails, off road and always run the coastal path, with fabulous views from Valencia to Alicante. Usually finishing with a swim and a coffee at a local beach bar. We park the car near the café and return to all the gear, where you can swim and change.


running holidays for beginners
Single girls from London UK
Running holidays for beginners
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