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Running Holidays for Beginners

Running for beginners…we love helping people to start. If you are travelling by yourself, do not worry as many of our guest also decide to travel on their own. Many leave their partners at home to have some relaxing “me time ” here at run in the sun. We cater for all levels of runners from beginners to elite. The programme may involve walking and jogging. Everyone has to start somewhere, you will be training at your current level of fitness and will not be asked to run with others of a different ability. Join our running holidays for beginners and start having some fun

Running For Fitness

We have many guests who just want to get fit but knowing running get you fitter faster than any other sport, they join us here at Running Holidays in Spain. You may be over weight and wish to feel fit once again. Many guests just wish to be fit enough to run a 5km Park Run but as they get fitter, they start to enjoy the journey. Before long they are entering 5km races and Park Runs every week, feeling good and looking fabulous.

running holidays for beginners Running holidays for beginners

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Look good and feel great with run in the sun.