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We offer race preparation, training with guided trail running for Ultra events for both individuals, groups and clubs, although the majority of our guests are solo travellers, from all over the world.

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Take one of our Trail running packages and train along the 85km Perimetral, a UTMB qualifying race. With races from Oct to the end of March, ranging in distances from 12km to 100km.

Trail running Spain

Train all year around, in the warmer weather we set off earlier in the morning, catching the clear mountain air and running through the sunrise.

The Perimetral

Train along the Perimetral, an 85km route of trail and mountains.

Costs are based on a half board basis, which gives everyone more flexibility with running and days out of the area.

Number of nights based on a half board basisCost per person in pounds. There is no single supplement
3 Nights  with 3 guided runs350
4 Nights with 4 guided runs450
5 Nights with 5 guided runs550
6 Nights with 6guided runs650
You may arrive and depart to suit your flights, staying for as long a stay as you wish. Guests have  stayed for as long as 3 months, whilst training for a specific event.

Amanda ( winning) looking as fresh as when she started 12hrs before.  She really enjoyed  the training, the journey ( as she calls it ) and the race. Whilst others gave up, ( at various distances along the route ). Amanda ran the last 20km ( 65km ) faster than any other section of the course ! Probably the best race Amanda has completed

The Perimetral - UTMB Qualifier

The video is from the Perimetral in 2015, when it was a 65km race. You now have a choice of distances, 42km or 85km. The 85km race is really much harder, as they have included not just the extra distance but a lot more gain in height. We looked at the cut off time on various parts of the route and it is tougher than you want it to be.

We know runners who have not made the cut off before and now it is even harder. Has to be said though, the runners who did not make the cut off, did not prepare very well. This not just two Marathons, of say 5hrs or 6hrs the mountains are tough, with quite a lot of gain. When Amanda trained for this we estimated it would take 12.5hrs. it took 12.20min.

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