Trail running Spain
Trail running Spain
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Trail Running Spain

We provide Trail Running in Spain and Running & Training “holidays” camps, based on the Costa Blanca region of Alicante Spain. Our primary base on the coast of the Mediterranean sea is Moraira. Your ‘Trail running holiday’ may be as relaxed or as challenging as you wish, you may run every day or just three times during your stay. We are just 10mins from the best Trails and mountains, Spain has to offer and trail running really is the perfect training for improving your endurance. So join us in sunny Spain for your next trail run and improve your next park run PB.

Trail running

Marathon des Sables

The Marathon des Sables and other  multi stage ultra-running events are becoming increasing in popularity, as everyone is looking for the next Big challenge. The Marathon des Sables (MDS) in Morocco is just such an event, one of the many extreme multi stage races that take place each year. There are similar events in Africa, Asia, South America and Australia and with very high temperatures, it can make these events, an extreme challenge.

Marathon DeS Sables

The Marathon des Sables attracted over 1000 runners in 2018, from all over the World. With many coming from cooler climates such as Northern Europe and the UK, the heat can be very challenging. As the MDS is typically held in late March or early April, after a cold winter of training, it can be really tough to acclimatise.

Trail running Spain

Taking a training camp with us, will enable you to cope with the heat of the MDS and you will be certain you can run in the heat. We have had runners in the past, come over and decide not to run the MDS after running in heat and finding it too hot. Some runners however cope much better than others but if you wish to know, you have to run in the heat to find out.

Multi Day Training Camps

Situated on the stunning Costa Blanca, this Multi-Day Training Camp gives you the opportunity to experience multi day ultra running, event preparation, on quiet unspoilt trails in the mountains and forests of the Costa Blanca Spain. Whether you are training for a specific multi-day race like Marathon De Sables (MDS), or the iconic Cape Wrath Ultra or simply looking for a training camp in an inspirational setting, this camp is for you.

The camp is for anyone who wants to develop their multi-day endurance, or at building their technique and just improve their general running performance. Areas covered include race strategy, necessary equipment and nutrition. Coached trail sessions take place on the inspiring 85km Perimetral, with trails, paths and fabulous views over the Costa Blanca.  Although all abilities are welcome, please e mail if you are unsure of your capability, with any questions you may have.

Intervals training for endurance athletes

Interval Training

Firstly, interval training is of paramount importance for any athlete to build endurance. Interval training is just alternating between periods of higher and lower levels of intensity. You go faster for a period, then slow down or rest, and repeat. Accumulating time at specific exercise intensities applies a focused stress on your body. This stimulates your body to adapt and thus becomes ready for more stress.

Barranco del Infierno

A trail with 6000 steps, stunning scenery and views across the Costa Blanca. The trail takes about 2hrs 30mins, depending upon the exact route. The descent is quite hard on your quads but the ascent I found quite easy, as it does level off and then start again, thank goodness. We have just done this and intend doing it again later in the year.

Amanda trail running Champion

65km Perimetral

Amanda looking as fresh as when she started, 12hrs previously. Her last 20km was her fastest section of the course. Its all about getting the pace just right. Knowing the  right pace is crucial, Amanda got it right and all the training paid off, a category win on her first attempt.

Your first step on the trail to Us...

Don't worry if you are new to trail running, we have lots of beginners