New runners try to run too far or too fast. This is rue of club runners, who train during the week at a much higher intensity than they should. Training is about being comfortable 80% of the time and hard training 20% of the time.

So as a new runner, what should you do. Walking is very good and this is where we all start. Don't think that all runners just started running off down the road and ran 10km ! Lots of runners don't start until they over weight and are 40 years + but they take it one step at a time and a year later they are running 5km or 10km races every. month.

So if you have to start by walking... Walk for 30min every day. Ok we have had guests who can barely walk for 10mins but the next week, it becomes 11mins, 6 weeks later they are walking for 20mins, 4 weeks later, 30mins. At which time they re now thinking of a Park Run ( walk ) just for a bit of fun.

To make inroads quickly, you must have short and long term goals, your first being a 5km Park Run ( walk ) all you aim to do is finish. Once you can walk for 30mins or 40mins you have done it. By which time you are probably jogging but not all the way. So on the park run, jog for 3 or 4mins and then walk until you are recovered, jog again for 3 mins and then walk, repeat until you finish.


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Your first Steps...

Have a few questions..... think you are not fit enough for our team. Think again, most of our guests are single, solo travellers and many are beginners.