Benissa Coastal Path

The fabulous costal path of Benissa one of our favourite runs.

Day 1 - Welcome to Spain

It is usual to have some  light refreshments on your arrival before you relax. Late afternoon you will have the opportunity to try out your first coastal path, embracing the surroundings on a steady run along the coast to Calpe, offering amazing views down the coast to Alicante and beyond. We will stop along the way to give you the opportunity to take some photos, before we take a coffee at a local beach café.

Day 2 - Your first trail run in Spain.

After a light breakfast, we take a 10min drive to the start of our trail run.  The run is relatively flat and smooth underfoot,  an easy, non-technical trail run. You will have spectacular views of the coast, from Alicante to Valencia, with views of the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Day 3 - Mountain running in Spain.

After a light breakfast, we take a 10min drive to the start of our mountain run.  This is a much harder run than our firsts trail but we do stop, take a few photos and have a picnic. we can then continue around the circuit. We have the opportunity to change the route at any time, as there are many trails along the way. A little more technical then the previous trail run but really nothing too hard. You will have spectacular views of the coast and mountains inland, from Alicante to Valencia.

Day 4 - Trail running in Spain.

After a light breakfast, we take a  10min drive to the start of our daily morning run.  We alternate between mountain, trail, road, coastal paths and track but this largely depends upon the guests, their goals and objectives. Obviously you have seen the photo with us in the water after the coastal path or trail run. We usually end the runs with a dip in the water, its just so good for recovery and the next day, you relly do not feel as if you have done anything, fabulous.

Day 5 - Trail running in Spain.

After a light breakfast or juice we decide on the trail run for the day. Although many of our runs are in the morning,  if you wish we can run in the evening. With so many trail, tracks and walking routes, we could take a different route, every day for 3 months. So we have no difficulty in finding a different route for you today.

Day 5 - Racing in Spain.

There are races most weekends, mostly 10km but at Christmas the races are 5km or 6km local races for everyone. Many of our guests take the opportunity to  take part in one of our local races. The girls here took part in the local race in Altea, a 6km race around the town. Everyone joins in, mothers daughters and children, with the more serious runners at the front. Free T-shirts, drinks and food are always on offer after the races.

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