Benissa Coastal Path

There is no typical day, we may hit the trail or track, it depends on who is here at the time and what they want from their running holiday.

Day 1 Your Arrival

Following light refreshments on your arrival in Moraira,  you can chill out for a couple of hours. You will then be taken out for a relaxing coastal run of 45mins or 50mins, a chance to see the town and beaches of Moraira. 

In the evenings we all eat together, a chance to talk about the days running. We can then discuss the following weeks goals, objectives and runs which we have planned. 

Day 2 Coastal Path (Image above ) - Usually 60min - could be 90mins, depends on the group.

We usually do the coastal path run in the late morning, a fabulous way to start the day with views along the coast and far beyond. Finishing with a swim in the sea at Fustera before a welcome drink in the beach cafe.

Day 3 Trail Run. We have a different trail run for every day of your stay.

An opportunity to see the area from the mountains surrounding Moraira, with views as far as 90km south to Alicante and views of the Baleraric Islands of Ibiza and Majorca. The mountains have many trails which cross, thus making it easy to adjust the route at any time. We may be out for 60min or 2hrs, it just depends on the group.

Day 4 Interval Training - Evening

The majority of runners have little idea of just how good interval training is, with many never having done any type of interval work at all. Interval training is just training at a faster pace than you would normally train at, for a standard amount of time say, 2mins, you then rest and repeat. The length of the run and pace depend on many factors, your fitness, short term and long term goals. Generally we run 400m @ a specific pace, have a rest period of 60secs and repeat. Don't worry these really are quite easy, we don't do them too fast.

Day 4 Road Run

An 11km road run through the adjacent town and countryside of Teulada. Undulating roads cut through the grape vines, whilst the fragrance from the citrus and almond blossoms. We finish in the town and have a drink at the local cafe.

Day 4 Trail Run -90min

A littel more technical and a little walking. The trail offers amazing views across the mountains, to Granadella and the Sierra Bernia range, as well as glimpses of Moraira Castle and sea in the far distance. 

Every Tuesday & Saturday Morning

A 10km road run through the town with the local running club.


There are races most weekends.

10km races Saturday evenings, almost every week

Trail races Saturday or Sunday from Oct to March.


There is always time to sit down with Paul and talk about your running schedule, which he will put together for you whilst you are here. Couch to 5km & Marathon Paul coaches all levels of ability.

Welcome to Spain

After our morning run we normally go for a swim and then a coffee at one of the many café bars along the coast. If we have a trail run in the morning, then we finish with another local village and have a tapas and coffee.

Trail running with


Lunch is usually taken out although there is a kitchen and a fridge and you can eat back at the villa. Lunch is anytime between 1.00pm and 2.30pm, it varies as some of the runs may be quite long.

Trail running Spain


running holidays by the beach


On trail days, there is only one session per day, as the trails can be quite tough and you need the rest for the following day.

An optional of a shorter and faster evening session.

The meals are usually around 7.00pm or 8.00pm, but this may be earlier if we are going out to a live music event, which is quite often, as there is lots of these around.

Questions and answers on endurance and the days running are often discussed over the evening meal.

Race Day

With races here most weekends, you can now say you are an international runner.

We may go for a 35min jog in the morning before the evening race.

Then after we may all go for a meal out and discuss, ( as always ) how we could have gone faster!

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