Training for your first Ultra

Long distance is all about endurance. Paul is a qualified UK Athletics endurance coach.

Paul Fletcher - 800m, 1500m, 10,000m European Champion Italy 2019.

Paul knows the majority of us have to work, and are restricted to a limited number of hours we train each week. You must use your time to train and mix work and other commitments ! This may mean running to work and back or running during your lunch break, which is what Paul did whilst working at college. It may be relatively easy to have work clothes ready at work, after you run in, ( of course a shower would be good ) Need a training programme, use the contact form below and I will get back to you.

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Remember you are training for an Ultra and this means - time on your feet. Endurance is everything when training for any distance over 400m, yes just 400m ! Middle distance runners will be on the same training plan or very similar, to a Marathon runner for 5 or 6 months of the year. That means a minimum of 10 mile ( 16km ) every day

Ultra training, indeed any endurance training is about time on your feet. You can walk when ever you wish, just keep increasing the time on your feet. Always train with a light back pack, which includes fluid, food & gels. You are going to experiment with various foods and gels now, before your ultra race, obviously you do not want to try anything different or new on race day, this includes kit, clothes, socks and shoes.

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Firstly visit a good shoe shop and try a variety of shoes, take advise from other runners and buy a pair you think are a good fit. A good shoe shop, should be run by someone who is a runner, if not jog past. Don't be fooled into thinking you need to visit a podiatrist, if you do not have any problems just buy a pair of shoes and start running. All you have to do now is tie the laces and off you go. They do however have a habit of coming undone, look online and see how to tie the shoes right.  There are other problems you may have with your feet which may include, your nails being too long, make sure they are cut short. When you start to run, your feet move a little and your toes can touch the shoes you wear, this can be painful. Online Coaching with me Paul Fletcher

Hiking at weekend

Weekend may be the only time you have to do a longer session. Take advantage of this and get into the hills. It is all about time on your feet, so a good 2 or 3hr hike is fabulous training. Hills will become your best friend, as hills are the best endurance training, as much as you can get in. Training for an ultra is difficult, as the lengths of the races are ultra, ie… longer than 42km. One of the best ways to train for these is to actually enter races at the weekend, use these as training, I know ultra runners who do just this. You could make this your long run, I am not saying go out and run 85km, you can find lots of mountain races of between 21km and 30km, which will take hours, what could be better. This is really good training, just think long term and use these at every opportunity.

The key to a good training programme, is that it must be progressive, you must see progression, each week. As you are new to running, lots of short runs, say 60mins and a longer run at weekend if possible. Online Coaching

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