Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Best Running Shoes For High Arches

Running is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outside world at the same time. However, not everybody's feet are built the same, and those with particularly high arches may find running more difficult than those without. 

High arches are a common problem for runners. They cause pain in the foot and ankle area, especially during long runs or races.

High arches can frequently cause your feet to tilt inwards towards the middle of your body, an effect known as under-pronation, or supination.

As such, this can lead to less stability and significantly more sprained ankles when running. 

Thankfully, if you have naturally high arches, there are a few things you can do to lower the risk of injury and alleviate the effects of supination.

One thing you can try is buying special shoes that have padding in the right locations to provide better support for your feet. 

These shoes will cushion your feet while subtly correcting their positioning to improve your form and make running easier.

In this article, we will show you some of the best shoes currently available for runners with high arches. 


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The ASICS Men’s Gel Cumulus 23 Running Shoe has been designed to help reduce the impact on the joints caused by under-pronation.

The shoe features an engineered mesh upper that is connected to a 3D printed structure that is designed to fit the shape of your foot.

As such, your feet won't be able to slide around inside the shoe, which will greatly decrease the chance of injury while running. 

This shoe also includes a flexible midsole made from FlyteFoam to improve shock absorption and comfort.

There is extra padding located in the heel to provide even more insulation against impacts and a smooth transition from heel to toe.

You can use these shoes to run on concrete or other types of rough terrain without your feet feeling sore. 

The outsole is made from durable rubber, which helps prevent damage to the shoe over time.

Deep grooves have been placed along the length of the sole to provide better traction on a wide variety of surfaces. 

There are reflective highlights on the side of these shoes, which are intended to make you more visible to drivers when running on roads at night. 


  • Offers great cushioning for people with high arches or wide feet.
  • FlyteFoam midsole is great at soaking up impacts. 
  • Durable rubber sole will improve traction on most terrain types


  • Some runners may find these shoes too roomy in the toe area.

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If you suffer from high arches, these shoes made by Hoka One One might be the perfect choice for you.

The Clifton 8 is a running shoe that is specifically designed to provide lots of arch support, so your feet can carry you over much longer distances.

They come in a variety of stylish colors and are made from durable materials that will last a long time before degrading. 

The shoe comes with a soft EVA foam midsole that provides excellent cushioning and protection for your feet.

This midsole is capable of soaking up most impacts, so you can use these shoes for nearly all occasions, from cross-country to road running. 

It is worth noting that these are more a distance shoe than a speed shoe and may be too heavy for anybody who enjoys sprinting or jogging at high speeds. 

However, what they lack in speed, these shoes more than make up for with comfort. They provide more than enough cushioning for long runs that cover a lot of miles.

Thanks to the breathable synthetic upper, you could run a whole marathon in these shoes and your feet would barely feel a thing. 


  • A breathable upper layer prevents your feet getting too hot while you run. 
  • EVA foam midsole provides plenty of cushioning for excellent shock absorption. 
  • These neutral shoes have plenty of arch support to keep your feet stable. 


  • Not great shoes for fast running. 

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These Adidas running shoes are ideal for those who want to enjoy their runs without having to worry about blisters or painful calluses.

They feature a lightweight and highly breathable mesh upper that allows air to freely flow through them.

This makes it easy for your feet to cool down during exercise, which will help you run for much greater distances.

With a Boost midsole that has a solar propulsion rail located around the arch, these shoes will make it feel as though you are walking on air.

They are not only comfortable and well cushioned, they also provide a very responsive feel when making contact with the ground.

This means that the shoe will bounce off a given surface rather than simply striking it, which means your legs don't have to do as much work to keep you moving. 

There is a heel counter and a padded collar around the ankle that help hold your foot securely in place.

The rubber sole has a specially designed grip that will be very well suited for cross-country running over rough terrain. 

However, the grip may wear down very fast when running on roads, which is worth considering if you live in a built-up urban area. 


  • A lightweight and breathable mesh upper keeps your feet feeling cool and fresh. 
  • Padded collar helps to keep your foot in place to prevent slipping or sprained ankles. 
  • Boost Midsole with a midfoot torsion shank provides great responsiveness and arch support. 


  • Soles may wear down fast when running on concrete. 

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The ASICS gel-nimbus 23 running shoes are some of the best sneakers for those with high arches.

It has many of the same features as the Gel-Cumulus that we looked at earlier, most of which have been upgraded to provide even better arch support.

As with the Cumulus, the Nimbus has a gel midsole that wraps around the heel to cushion it as it hits the ground. 

The engineered mesh material used in the upper of this shoe ensures that your feet remain dry and free from sweat even after hours of intense activity.

They are available in a range of vibrant colors, so you can run in style and comfort.

Like all ASIC shoes, the middle has been padded with FlyteFoam for a soft, bouncy feel that is similar to running on clouds.

The cushy and supportive midsole absorbs shocks and vibrations to ensure that your feet stay comfortable and pain free throughout your entire workout.

The outsole uses a combination of traction and durability to give you the confidence to go longer distances at higher speeds.

It features a multi-directional pattern that won't wear away for a long time, no matter what kind of terrain you are running on. 


  • The engineered mesh upper keeps your feet dry and comfortable. 
  • Midsole is soft yet supportive, providing lots of bounce in every step. 
  • Gel padding around the heel provides extra protection against impacts. 


  • Not great for those with wide feet. 

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The Brooks Glycerin 19 neutral running shoe is an excellent choice for runners who need a little more stability and support than other shoes can provide.

The upper is fitted with an internal stretch bootie that fits the shape of your foot perfectly.

This not only makes the shoes feel very plush from the moment you put them on, but it also prevents your feet slipping inside the shoe. 

The midsole is made from DNA loft, which is very soft and offers a great transition from heel to toe.

It is designed to absorb shock while still providing enough support to keep your foot stable. 

These shoes don't have extra padding to support the arches, so if this is something you are looking for, you may need to buy a special insole to put inside them. 

They aren't the most breathable shoes, so it is worth wearing thin socks with them to give your toes some degree of wiggle room.

The hard rubber sole has deep grooves to provide excellent traction in almost any conditions.

As such, this is a pair of shoes that will work equally well for cross-country, road running or simply for use on a treadmill. 


  • DNA loft midsole provides excellent support and stability. 
  • These shoes have a very cushioned and comfortable feel. 
  • The hard rubber sole is durable and great for most types of terrain. 


  • The upper layer isn't very breathable. 

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If you're looking for a lightweight shoe that's packed full of cushioning, then look no further than the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11s.

These shoes are built using a fresh foam midsole which is both light weight and extremely resilient. It provides plenty of cushioning, especially for those with high arches.

The upper is constructed from a synthetic mesh that is extremely plush and feels great on your feet.

This fabric has been specially designed to be stretchy and avoid bunching up when you put your foot into the shoe.

As such, your feet won't experience any discomfort, even as they start to expand during a long run or hard day at work. 

These shoes are designed to be flexible and offer great responsiveness with each stride.

They come with an Ortholite sock liner which is intended to vastly improve comfort and make sure your feet don't get too sweaty. 

You'll find that these shoes are ideal for long distance runs as they are very lightweight and easy to run in.

They are also great for training because the midsole is able to absorb most impacts without adding too much weight to your leg muscles. 


  • Lightweight and highly responsive. 
  • Great for long distance runs. 
  • Very comfortable and flexible mesh upper.  


  • Some people might find the shoe a bit narrow. 

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Buyers Guide

Best Running Shoes For High Arches (1)

When buying running shoes, there are several things that you should consider before making your purchase.

You want to ensure that you are getting the right type of shoe for your needs, but you also want to ensure that you're not spending more money than necessary. 

Here, we discuss what you should look out for when shopping for your next pair of running shoes.


Running shoes can vary greatly in terms of their weight. Some are quite heavy and others are fairly light.

If you're someone who struggles with shin splints and other similar injuries, then you will want a pair of shoes that provides enough cushioning.

This may require you to buy slightly heavier shoes with more padding in critical locations to protect your feet. 

Lighter shoes can help you run faster as they won't require as much effort to repeatedly lift off the ground.

However, if you're someone who wants to train longer distances, then you may need something heavier with more padding to support your feet. 


Cushioning refers to how soft or firm the shoe is on your feet. There are different levels of cushioning that you can choose from. 

A shoe with a lot of cushioning will provide extra protection against impact forces. These types of shoes are often used by runners who suffer from joint pain. 

On the other hand, a shoe with less cushioning will allow your feet to move freely and feel more natural. 

If you have high arches then it's important that you get a shoe that offers adequate cushioning.

Most running shoes are made with either a standard arch support or an orthotic insert. 

An orthotic insert is a piece of foam that sits under the heel bone. It helps to correct the shape of your foot and prevent excessive pronation.

For most people, these inserts won't be necessary, however, if you have very high arches then it may be worth looking into.

Those with high arches or flat feet will generally benefit from a neutral shoe that doesn't feature any kind of arch support.

If you still experience pain when wearing neutral shoes, then you can always buy a special insole to provide the extra arch support that you need. 


The fit of your new running shoes is another thing that you should keep in mind. When purchasing a new pair of shoes, it's best to go to a store where you can try them on.

By trying on multiple pairs of shoes, you can determine which one feels the best and whether they fit properly. 

If this isn't possible, and you want to buy your shoes online, then make sure you know the exact measurements of your feet, so you will have the best chance of getting a size that fits you. 

You'll want to make sure that the toe box fits snugly around your toes without being too tight. Your forefoot should also sit comfortably inside the shoe.

If you find yourself constantly pulling your toes back towards the middle of your shoe, then you may need to get a slightly smaller size. 

You should also pay attention to the length of the shoe. The distance between the end of your longest toe and the tip of your shoe should be no more than 1/2 inch (1 cm).

If you find that your feet slide forward during a long run, then you may need to increase the length of the shoe so that your toes don't rub against the front of the shoe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Disadvantages Of High Arches When Running? 

Those who have high arches will often find that their ankles roll inwards towards the center of their body.

This is called under-pronation, or supination, and it can cause a variety of issues for runners and other athletes. 

Excessive supination can affect the way your heel hits the ground, which can make you less stable and more likely to sprain your ankle when running.

Exercising on feet with high arches can also lead to conditions such as plantar fasciitis, which is characterized by pain around the ball or arch of the foot. 

What Can I Do To Alleviate Pain Caused By My High Arches? 

If you have high arches and find that your feet start to feel painful after a long day of exercise or work, then there are a few things you can try to mitigate this pain.

For a start, you can ask your doctor about orthotic inserts, which are special pads you can place in your shoes to alleviate pressure in certain areas of the foot. 

Those with severe Plantar Fasciitis can also try special braces or splints for wearing on their feet at night.

These stretch the calves and arches of the feet to help relieve pain in the arches and ankles. 

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