Best Running Shoes For Supination

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise, since you can do it practically anywhere. As such, it is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time.

All you really need for running is a good set of shoes, but it is important that you get the right ones for your feet if you want to get the most out of your workout. 

Not all feet are built the same, and some people will find running easier than others, depending on the shape of their feet. Some people have ankles that roll excessively inwards, causing the outside of their feet to hit the ground first.

This is known as supination or under-pronation, and is often caused by genetic factors, such as having high arches or particularly wide feet.

People who suffer from excessive supination are prone to a number of conditions such as ankle or arch pain, plantar fasciitis and calluses or bunions forming on the outer edges of their feet. 

Thankfully, there are lots of running shoes specifically designed to help those with supination. These shoes often have a specific shape, with padding in certain locations to support the foot and alleviate any pain. 

If you suffer from under-pronation or any of its effects, but don't want to give up running, then this list is here to help by showing you some of the best running shoes for dealing with supination. 


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The Saucony Triumph 19 is very similar to its predecessor, the triumph 18, offering a soft ride that is great for people with supination.

It has a slightly wider forefoot area than normal, which helps to reduce pressure points and relieve discomfort. This also makes it a suitable choice for those with very wide feet who may struggle to find running shoes that fit them. 

With a midsole made from Pwrrun foam, that is super soft and resilient enough to provide durable padding for people with supination.

These shoes are both neutral and supportive and can accommodate a wide variety of different gait patterns.

As such, these shoes are perfect for anyone who has supination and needs to support their foot to prevent injuries such as sprained ankles or worse.

The upper is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh that matches the shape of the foot without being uncomfortable. These shoes are made from vegan materials, with no animal products such as leather used for the fabric.

They have a deep tread on the bottom that will be suitable for running on most terrain types, but may struggle when going off-road


  • Pwrrun foam midsole provides plenty of cushioning and support for those with supination. 
  • Vegan. 
  • Great for those with side feet. 


  • The fabric on these shoes isn't the most durable and may tear with repeated use.  

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Cross-country running can be more risky for those with severe supination, as it increases the chance of them spraining their ankle.

These Brooks Cascadia 16 trail running shoes are ideal for supporting runners over woodland, dirt trails or any other kind of rugged terrain. 

The sole has a specially designed tread to offer great traction and stability on rough ground. This pair of shoes features an ultra-lightweight DNA Loft foam midsole that absorbs shock and protects against overuse injuries. 

There are release grooves located along the midsole to make these shoes more adaptable and stable when running over uneven surfaces.

This is combined with a flexible rubber compound toe cap that offers excellent grip and protection, while providing enough space for your toes to move freely. 

These shoes are built with a sock-like fit, with a snug fit around the heel and plenty of cushioning for the forefoot and arches.

The upper material is made from synthetic leather, which is durable and very breathable to allow air to circulate around your feet. 

Be warned, the sizing runs a little small, so you may need to buy a size up if you want a comfortable fit.


  • These shoes are ideal for cross-country running. 
  • DNA Loft midsole improves stability and provides excellent padding. 
  • Release grooves on the midsole and a flexible rubber tread allows for great adaptability on uneven ground. 


  • Sizing runs small. 

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These Adidas Supernova  running shoes are designed for running on concrete and treadmills. They feature a special midsole pattern that continues around the sides of your feet to provide more support for your arches and improve stability. 

The boost midsole is reasonably soft, but still has enough rigidity to help those with supination prevent injuring their ankles while they run.

With an engineered mesh upper made from 100% synthetic materials, these shoes are very durable and completely vegan. 

The upper is made using a breathable mesh material that helps to wick away moisture and sweat, keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout your run.

It’s also highly durable and resistant to tearing, making it perfect for long distance training sessions.

The shoe is also equipped with a removable insole that can be easily replaced with a new insert whenever necessary.

Unfortunately, the tread on the bottom is quite shallow and won't offer much traction when running on anything other than paved roads or a treadmill belt. 

These shoes offer just the right balance of padding and support for helping those with supination run for long distances without being in excessive pain afterwards. 


  • Boost foam midsole provides good cushioning and support. 
  • A breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and dry. 
  • Removable insoles make replacing inserts easy.


  • These shoes won't offer great traction for running over rough terrain. 

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This New Balance women's running shoe was specifically designed for people who have wide feet or are slightly overweight, both of which can exacerbate the issues caused by supination. 

The Fresh Foam 880V11 features a lightweight EVA midsole that provides exceptional comfort and support. These shoes are quite bouncy and great at absorbing impacts to offer a smooth running experience. 

The shoe is constructed with a breathable Jacquard mesh upper that allows air to flow through and keep your feet cool and dry during your run. 

A padded collar around the ankle area adds extra support and prevents irritation from the shoes rubbing against your heel.

There is also a molded heel counter on the inside of the shoes that prevents your feet from moving in any way that could cause an injury.

The insole is similarly molded so that it will perfectly match the shape of your foot, for extra comfort. You can remove the insoles whenever you want, which makes cleaning and maintaining these shoes very easy. 

The outsole offers great grip on concrete and other hard surfaces and is made from a rubber compound that is both flexible and durable. 


  • Lightweight EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning and support.
  • Jacquard mesh upper is highly breathable. 
  • Molded insole and heel counter for extra comfort and stability. 


  • Over pronators may find this shoe doesn't offer enough support in the metatarsal area. 

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The ASICS men's gel cumulus 23 running shoes were developed with the help of biomechanics experts to provide maximum protection and comfort while offering optimal support. 

They feature a soft engineered mesh upper that is extremely comfortable and has been treated with a water-repellent finish that protects them from getting wet and dirty.

The shoe is equipped with a FlyteFoam midsole that absorbs shock and reduces impact forces. 

There are gel pads located under the heel to offer better responsiveness while running and reduce pressure points.

This helps to alleviate pain caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis, and prevent common injuries such as sprained ankles. 

The gel pads also absorb shock and dampen vibrations, both of which will help you run for longer periods of time over greater distances.

These shoes have molded insoles that make them even more comfortable to walk and run in. They have reflective accents along the sides to make you more visible to cars when running at night.

There are two versions of each size, one of which is much wider for those with broad feet. 


  • Available in wider sizes for those with broad feet. 
  • FlyteFoam midsole offers a very well cushioned ride with plenty of support. 
  • Gel pads under the heels improve responsiveness and absorb impacts. 


  • Those with very narrow feet may find these shoes too roomy.

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These Brooks ghost 14 running shoes were built for runners who need a supportive, lightweight shoe that won't weigh them down.

It features a synthetic cotton upper that is highly durable and molds to the shape of your feet to prevent them sliding around inside the shoe.

They are built to provide maximum softness, which means that those with very severe supination may find them too soft to adequately support their feet. 

However, if your supination is milder, then you will find the DNA loft midsole very responsive, comfortable for running.

The combination of foam and polyurethane materials used in this midsole provides good cushioning and energy return. 

These shoes are also very stable, even on rough terrain, which makes them a great option for road runners and cross-country enthusiasts alike.

One issue is that these shoes aren't the most breathable, and as such may cause your feet to overheat in hot weather, or during very long runs. 

However, this is made up for by the incredible softness that these sneakers offer, which will make it feel as though you are running on clouds.

The grip on the bottom has deep treads that will provide great traction in almost any condition and over any terrain. 


  • DNA loft midsole is super soft and very responsive. 
  • Made from durable materials. 
  • The grip has deep treads for great traction on any terrain. 
  • The upper fits snugly around your foot for better stability and comfort. 


  • May be too soft for those with severe supination. 
  • The upper isn't the most breathable. 

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The Mizuno wave rider 25 road running shoes provide awesome support for anyone struggling with supination.

They are constructed with a mesh upper that is extremely breathable and light, so they don't get hot during long runs. The outsole uses a rubber compound that provides excellent traction on concrete and treadmill belts.

These shoes have a unique thermoplastic PEBAX wave plate sandwiched between the two layers of EVA foam that make up the midsole.

This insert is located in the mid-foot and rear foot, but stops before the toes to improve flexibility and allow your foot to move naturally. The plate also provides extra shock absorption for better support and stability while running. 

The padding in these shoes is evenly distributed to support both the outer and inner edges of the foot. They also have a wide forefoot area, which makes them suitable for those with broad feet.

If you're looking for a pair of shoes that will allow you to run comfortably without sacrificing support, then look no further than the Wave Rider 25s.


  • Mesh upper is incredibly breathable and comfortable. 
  • The rubber outsole provides excellent traction on all surfaces. 
  • The Thermoplastic wave plate absorbs impacts and provides excellent support for your feet. 


  • Not suitable for cross-country running.

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Buyers Guide

Everyone's feet are different and as such finding the right running shoes for dealing with supination can be very tricky. Which shoes you need will often come down to the shape of your feet and the sort of padding that you need to support them. 

In this section, we have highlighted a few things to look out for when shopping for running shoes.

Best Running Shoes For Supination


When buying running shoes, one of the first things you should consider is whether your feet require more or less padding. This is because the amount of padding provided will affect how well your feet fit into the shoe. 

As an example, runners who suffer from supination often find that their feet tend to roll inward so that the outer edge of their shoes touches the ground first.

Padding in the right places can certainly help with this condition and can be very useful for alleviating pain caused by plantar fasciitis. 

However, you don't want your shoes to be too soft either. Too much padding may make pain caused by supination even worse, as your foot will lack any form of support.

Generally, you want the cushioning to be focused around the heel and forefoot to support your arches and prevent injury. 


People with very wide feet are more prone to supination and the conditions that can arise from it. Good running shoes should always have a bit of room in the toe box so that your feet can breathe without getting too hot.

This will also help with moving your foot naturally, which will help with reducing pain while running. 

If you have very wide feet, then you will need to look for broader shoes that are designed to accommodate them. Some brands such as ASICS will sell two versions of each size, a narrow one and a wider one for those with broader footprints. 


Running shoes are generally made to last, but if you do happen to get a pair that wears out quickly, you'll probably end up having to replace them sooner rather than later.

That's why it's important to buy shoes that are made from durable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. 

The most common area that breaks first is the sole of the shoe. If you want to avoid this then look for soles that have thick treads as these will take longer to wear down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Supination?

Supination is when a person’s foot rolls inward towards the midline of his/her body. It is a medical term used to describe the way the bones of the foot move relative to the rest of the lower limb during walking and running. 

The easiest way to tell if you have supination is to look at an old pair of shoes and see which parts of the sole have worn away the most.

If the outer edges of the heel and forefoot have worn away significantly more than the rest of the sole, you likely have supination. 

What Problems Are Caused By Supination?

The primary problem associated with supination is that it causes excessive pronation (rolling inward) of the foot, which puts pressure on the inside of the ankle joint.

When this happens, it can cause inflammation and swelling in the tissues surrounding the ankle, which can lead to chronic problems like tendonitis and arthritis.

In addition, people who have supinated feet are more susceptible to injuries to the muscles and ligaments of the foot, including Achilles tendonitis, metatarsal stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

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