Best Treadmill Running Shoes

Best Treadmill Running Shoes

They provide a safe environment for working out, allowing you to exercise at your own pace. However, even if you own a premium model of treadmill, you won't be able to get the most out of it without a proper set of running shoes. 

Choosing the right treadmill running shoes can be tricky. There are several factors to consider, such as whether you will be mostly running or walking, how much of an incline you use and much more.

Using a treadmill with the wrong shoes can be very uncomfortable, and you will risk doing serious damage to your feet in the process. 

As such, you need a shoe that will support your feet and allow you to run with proper form so that you can get the most out of your exercise. 

Thankfully, there is a wide range of running shoes available to choose from, many of which will be perfectly suitable for using on a treadmill.

These trainers will often have padding in specific locations to support your foot and minimize discomfort while you are running.

This will allow you to work out for much longer and get more out of your daily exercise routine. 

Here are just a few of the best running shoes for using on your treadmill that we have found on the internet.


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The Brooks Ghost 14 is one of our favorite running shoes that is available for both men and women.

It has been designed to offer maximum comfort and cushioning whilst still being supportive enough to help prevent injuries.

The upper material is made from breathable mesh fabric, which helps keep your feet cool during long runs.

With a midsole made from DNA loft padding, these shoes provide excellent shock absorption while running.

There are segmented crash pads located throughout each shoe, which help your foot to hit the ground in a way that is stable and controlled.

As such, these are shoes that will work well on almost any kind of terrain, so they will be more than suitable for use on a treadmill. 

The rubber sole offers great traction, with deep grooves that won't wear down for a long time, provided you look after them.

These shoes are slightly more cushioned than other sneakers, but still feel very lightweight on your foot. The low weight will allow your feet to move faster, without getting uncomfortable during long runs.


  • Strategically cushioned to provide maximum comfort and support. 
  • DNA loft in the midsole makes these shoes very soft without sacrificing responsiveness.
  • The durable rubber sole offers great traction on almost any terrain. 


  • The mesh fabric may be too thin for running in muddy conditions.

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If you're looking for a comfortable pair of running shoes that also happen to be stylish, then this could be the perfect option for you.

Mizuno have created this fashionable series of running shoes that are designed to offer maximum comfort and superb performance.

The wave rider 24 incorporates a number of different features to create a shoe that will allow you to run for hours without killing your feet. 

These shoes have a special wave plate located in the heel that disperses impacts over a broad area to provide better cushioning for your feet.

These strategically placed air pockets add additional stability and reduce pressure points. The midsole is made from U4ic foam, which offers even more padding and a more responsive feel when your foot hits the ground.  

Both of these features means that your feet will stay comfortable when you're exercising, whilst the impact-absorbing properties mean that you won't suffer from any nasty aches or pains as you run. 

The shape of the shoe is designed to give you a smooth transition from heel to toe.

Not only does this make these shoes even more comfortable, but it will also help to encourage proper running form. 

Combined with a durable rubber sole, these shoes will protect your feet and help you take your running game to the next level. 


  • Comfortable and stylish design.
  • U4ic foam midsole provides excellent cushioning.
  • Wave plates in the heel help to enhance stability.
  • Great shoes for those with weak ankles or foot drops.


  • The rubber sole may wear down fast when running on concrete. 

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The ASICS novablast 2 is an ideal choice if you want a high quality pair of running shoes that can withstand anything you throw at them.

If you've been searching for a pair of running shoes that will last you for years to come, then this might just be what you need.

These shoes are built using a combination of high quality synthetic materials to ensure that they hold up against the rigors of everyday life. 

This particular model has a breathable, double engineered upper that helps to keep your feet cool while you exercise.

It also comes with a Gusseted tongue that will provide more support for your ankle and a more comfortable fit. 

The Midsole is constructed from a compound called FlyteFoam that provides a bouncy and enjoyable running experience with plenty of cushioning to protect your feet. 

This model also comes with a well textured rubber sole that offers great traction on most types of terrain.

The heel is slightly elevated, which is intended to support your feet and make your stride more balanced while you run.  

Overall, these are bouncy shoes that will allow you to run for ages on your treadmill without your feet feeling even slightly tired or sore. 


  • Breathable upper keeps feet cool.
  • Elevated heel for a more balanced stride.
  • Super padded midsole for lots of bounce and energy return when your foot hits the ground. 


  • Those focused on increasing their speed may find these shoes too heavy.

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If you're looking for a pair of Nike running shoes that offer all round comfort and performance, then look no further than the classic Pegasus 36.

This model combines the best aspects of both traditional running shoes and minimalist footwear to create a unique style that will suit every runner out there.

Whether you're training for a marathon or simply enjoying some easy jogs around the park, these shoes will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

These shoes feature a mesh upper that is more perforated in areas that produce the most heat while running.

This targeted breathability allows sweat to evaporate quickly so that your feet stay dry and fresh, without making the shoe too flimsy.

That said, these are far from the most durable shoes, but they should still hold together very well if you only plan on using them on a treadmill. 

These shoes also feature a ZoomAir midsole that is designed to provide a smooth and responsive running experience.

The flexible rubber outsole is durable and responsive, providing excellent grip on any surface.

One of the best things about these shoes is the sock liner which can adapt to the shape of your foot, guaranteeing a snug, comfortable and effective fit for most shapes of feet. 


  • Adaptive sock liner that is designed to perfectly fit the shape of your foot.
  • ZoomAir Midsole for responsive, smooth running.
  • The Mesh outer is perforated in specific zones to improve breathability in key areas. 


  • These shoes are not durable enough for running on concrete or very rough terrain.

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If you have a real need for speed, then these Endorphin Speed 2 shoes made by Saucony are the perfect choice for you.

These shoes combine a lightweight design with an innovative construction technique that will ensure your feet feel as good as they look, while moving as fast as they can.

With a pair of these on your feet, you'll be able to enjoy long runs on the treadmill without having to worry about blisters or other injuries. 

This model features a synthetic upper layer that is extremely lightweight and breathable.

As well as keeping your feet cool and comfortable, these trainers are also completely vegan and do not incorporate any animal products such as leather.

The heel and laces work together to lock your foot into place so that the shoes won't slip or move around on your feet while you are running. 

This model also comes with a specially shaped sole that is designed to roll naturally from heel to toe.

Not only does this provide excellent support and cushioning from impacts while running, but it will also help to improve your technique so you can move even faster.  

Overall, this set of trainers is designed to help you run better for much longer distances. 


  • Lightweight and breathable synthetic upper.
  • SpeedRoll design encourages good running technique and helps to boost speed.
  • Durable running shoes built to maximize comfort and speed. 


  • Not suitable for use on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

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These Brooks Glycerin 19 running shoes are designed to offer a great combination of comfort and performance.

They're ideal for those who want to improve their form and technique while reducing impact forces when running. 

These trainers come with a soft engineered mesh upper that provides a secure and comfortable fit.

It has been constructed using a specialized blend of materials that ensures durability and longevity.

The midsole is made up of DNA loft with extra padding around the heel to offer incredible shock absorption and stability. 

This material is very bouncy and will make it feel as though you are running on clouds while you are on the treadmill. 

The outsoles are made from a durable rubber compound that gives you excellent traction and grip when running on different terrains.

All of the above features combine to form a shoe that offers a very smooth transition from heel to toe with each footfall. 

Overall, these trainers are ideal for anybody who needs a little extra heel support while running. 


  • Soft and supple engineered mesh upper.
  • DNA loft midsole absorbs shocks and protects your feet from injury.
  • The rubber outsole grips the ground and supports your feet.


  • Maybe too heavy for very fast runners.

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Buyers Guide 

Best Treadmill Running Shoes (1)

When choosing a new pair of running shoes, there are several factors that you should take into consideration.

Everybody's feet are slightly different, and as such, the perfect shoe for one person may be an instrument of pure foot torture for somebody else. In this section we will cover the basic aspects that make up a good running shoe. 


Heavy shoes will weigh down your feet more, which will slow you down and mean that you get tired much faster during your run.

For running on a treadmill, you aren't going to need a heavy texture sole for gripping onto the belt. 

As such, you want your treadmill running shoes to be reasonably lightweight, while still offering enough support for your feet.

Big, bulky shoes may work great for cross-country events where you are running over rough terrain, but on a treadmill they may be more of a hindrance than a benefit. 

Pronation Control

One of the most important things to consider is the shape of your feet.

This will be more of a problem for some than others, but the shape of your foot, and most importantly the height of your arch will determine a lot about the kind of support you need when running. 

Those with high arches will find that their ankles generally roll inwards towards each other. This is called underpronation, or supination.

People with supination will find that they wear out the outer edges of their shoe soles the most. 

Feet with a neutral pronation can be identified by their ankles pointing directly down.

Both those with supination and neutral pronation will benefit from neutral shoes that have more padding on the outer edges to compensate for this foot shape. 

If you have very mild over pronation where your ankles roll slightly outwards, then you will need a stability shoe.

These have more padding in the heel area to raise up your ankles and help you run with good technique. 

Those with more severe overpronation will naturally need more support and should look into buying a motion control shoe.

The padding in these shoes is located from the ball of the foot to the big toe, which will help to support your feet and ankles, so you can run more comfortably. 

If you have never considered this when buying shoes before, and have experienced no discomfort as a result, then you will probably find a neutral shoe to work just fine.

If you frequently suffer from foot or ankle pains after running, then consider getting a stability or motion control shoe to help provide more support for your feet where they need it most. 


Any good running shoes need to be breathable. If air cannot pass around your feet, then they will quickly become sweaty and uncomfortable after a long run.

This is especially important on a treadmill where people will normally run at higher speeds and for much longer distances.

Making sure you have good airflow around your feet will help to prevent injuries and make your run much more enjoyable. 


Naturally, you won't want to buy a new set of trainers every week, so it is important to buy a pair that are highly durable.

One way to find a sturdy set of shoes for you is to try and figure out the natural pronation of your feet. 

The way that your ankles naturally roll will determine which part of the sole you will wear out the fastest.

Knowing this will allow you to buy shoes that are reinforced in the right areas to ensure they will last for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Gusseted Tongue? 

You will see some running shoes advertised as having a gusseted tongue.

This simply refers to how the tongue of the shoe, the flap at the top that allows you to insert your foot into the shoe, is connected to the rest of the upper. 

A gusseted tongue will be connected along the sides, unlike a regular tongue, which is only connected at the bottom.

This feature can make a shoe fit your foot more snugly, and offer better support during exercises like walking or running. 

How Should You Run On A Treadmill? 

When running on a treadmill, you should observe many of the same techniques for running outside.

This means having your chest open and pointing forwards along with your feet.

Your head should be held up and looking straight ahead, as this will open up your diaphragm to enable proper breathing. 

It is important to strike the belt with the ball of your feet and roll onto your toes.

Striking with the heel of the foot will increase the force of each impact with the belt, which will cause lasting damage to both your feet and treadmill. 

Finally, it can be very useful for most beginners to let go of the side rails on the treadmill and let their arms swing freely while they run.

It is important not to over swing and twist your body out of alignment, but using your arms will help you develop good form and technique while adding an extra element to your workout. 

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