How To Wear A Buff

When you’re up in the mountains, and it’s -10 degrees, you’ll be eternally grateful for packing your buff. There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as the bitterly cold wind finding its way down your neck and into your jacket, with a couple of snowflakes thrown in for good measure, and as a result, freezing you to …

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How To Foam Roll Hamstrings

Foam Rolling is a popular tool used to target different areas of the body. The foam pad has varying thicknesses, allowing you to change the pressure level applied during the session.  Benefits Of Foam Rolling It relieves pain Increases joint mobility Improves muscle flexibility and endurance Relaxing effect Increases circulation & reduces swelling Helps in …

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How To Fix Running Form

Whether you are a beginner or competitive runner, running form is important for more reasons than one. In fact, fixing your running form does not only help to prevent injury, as is well known, but can improve running performance overall so that you can run faster and for longer. This is especially important if you …

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