Best Running Gloves

Running in the summer and winter both bring their own challenges.In the summer, we find ourselves complaining about how sweaty we get and how much we can’t wait for cooler weather. Winter then comes along, and we can’t help but moan about how cold it is.Things get even worse if we don’t have the right gear. …

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Best Running Sunglasses

Running is one of the most common forms of exercise. It helps burn calories and build muscle mass. In addition, it also improves cardiovascular health. However, wearing proper eye protection is essential. Otherwise, you might not be able to see where you are going, especially on sunny days. Running eyewear comes in various shapes and sizes. …

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Best Post Run Meal

Refueling properly after a run is critical to replenishing glycogen stores, assisting protein synthesis, and replenishing electrolyte stores as well as hydration. If you’re going to drink something other than water before and during your run, make sure it’s something nutritious!  Coffee isn’t bad, but it shouldn’t be your first drink after a workout. After …

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