Denver Running Trails

Are you looking for some new outdoor activities to try out? If so, then you should definitely check out Denver’s amazing trail system. 

There are over 200 miles of paved and unpaved paths throughout the city, offering something for everyone. 

Denver Running Trails

The Denver area has long been known for its beautiful scenery and great weather.

And now, thanks to the city’s extensive trail system, it’s also becoming a top destination for those who enjoy being outdoors.

Denver’s extensive trail system offers something for every type of runner. From beginner to advanced, there’s bound to be a path that suits your fitness level. 

Here are some of our favorite places to run in Denver.

Best Places To Run In Denver

1. Cherry Creek Trail

This is one of Denver’s most popular trails, with more than 2 million visitors each year. The trail runs along the edge of the Rocky Mountains, passing through parks, forests, open space, and even a few neighborhoods. 

It’s a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll, jog, bike ride, or rollerblade.

2. Platte River Greenway

If you prefer running on grassy fields rather than asphalt, this trail is just what you need. Located near downtown Denver, the Platte River Greenway features 10 miles of paved pathways and paths alongside the Platte River. 

You can use it as an easy walk, slow jog, or speed up if you like.

3. South Pearl Street Path

If you’re looking for a scenic route, this trail is a good choice. With views of the mountains, rivers, and other natural landmarks, it’s a great way to get outside while enjoying nature. 

This trail is part of the larger Pearl Street Pathway System, which includes several other trails located throughout the city.

4. Downtown Park

One of the best things about living in Denver is all of the incredible public spaces available for recreation.

One of these is Downtown Park, a 1-mile loop that takes you past many of Denver’s famous attractions. 

The park itself is free to access, but you will have to pay to enter the buildings that line the perimeter.

5. East Colfax Avenue

One of the oldest streets in Denver, East Colfax Avenue is home to some of the city’s most historic sites. Many of them are museums and art galleries that offer free admission. 

These include the History Colorado Center, the Children’s Museum, and the Clyfford Still Museum. 

If you’re looking to shake your runs up and make them more exciting, why not consider taking a run through East Colfax Avenue and exploring some of the museums while you’re there?

6. South Platte River Greenway

This gorgeous and stunningly scenic trail stretches from downtown Denver all the way into Aurora. Along the way, you can find plenty of scenic views and historic landmarks. 

You can also catch glimpses of wildlife, including elk, deer, coyotes, and mountain lions.

7. Great Western Trail

This trail starts at Union Station in downtown Denver and follows the route of the old Santa Fe Railroad. 

You can walk, run, or cycle on this paved pathway as you make your way to Golden, Boulder, and other nearby towns.

8. East Pearl Street Path

If you prefer running by water instead of land, then you need to consider visiting Denver’s East Pearl Street Path. Located just east of downtown, this greenway provides a relaxing environment for runners.

9. North Metro Park & Recreation District

If you live outside of Denver but still want to experience the benefits of an urban trail, then head to the North Metro Park & Recreation district. 

This trail network features over 100 miles of paved pathways, connecting residents to local parks and recreation areas.

10. Boulder Neighborhoods

Boulder Neighborhoods is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe spaces for people to get active in their communities. 

They offer free weekly yoga classes, walking groups, and other events that encourage healthy living.

11. City Park

City Park

City Park is another great place to enjoy a run! Plus, alongside offering a great urban running trail, City Park is home to many different types of sports facilities. 

For example, you can visit the Denver Aquatic Center, which offers swimming lessons and aquatic exercise classes. 

Or if you’re interested in playing basketball, volleyball, or soccer, then you can do that at the park’s Sports Complex.

12. Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a small suburb located about 20 minutes south of Denver. 

It’s home to several parks and recreational facilities, such as the Highland Lakes Nature Preserve and the Highland Lakes Golf Course – so you can enjoy a few rounds on the greens after working up a sweat running around the ranch.

13. Westwood

Westwood is a quiet residential neighborhood in west Denver. It has its own trail system called the Westwood Rail-Trail. 

There are several trails that branch out from the main trail, so you have the option of choosing whichever one best fits your needs.

14. Washington Park

Washington Park is a large public park near downtown Denver that’s ideal for running purposes.

This park gets its name because it was once used as a campsite for George Washington’s army during the Revolutionary War.

15. Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is a beautiful state park located in Greenwood Village. The park is open year-round and hosts tons of activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, camping, and of course – running!

16. The Denver River Trail

South Platte River Trail runs along the South Platte River through Denver’s southern suburbs. A portion of the trail connects with the Platte Valley Greenway, giving you even more options for exploring.

17. Lake Manassa

Lake Manassa is a reservoir created by the South Platte River Project. The lake is open for fishing, boating, and other fun summertime activities. You can also run here too.

18. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is a national wildlife refuge in Jefferson County.

This area is unique in that it’s an arid climate, yet it’s surrounded by mountains – so it’s a perfect running trail for anyone looking to take in the natural beauty of Denver.

19. Red Rocks Park And Reserve

Red Rocks Park And Reserve is a 1,200-acre park located on the edge of the city of Denver. 

The park features amazing rock formations and is also known as “America’s First Open Space”…so you’ll have plenty of room to stretch your legs and hit some new personal bests! 

20. Speer Boulevard/Buckman Trail

Last but certainly not least, we have the Speer Boulevard/Buckman Trail. This running trail is a paved pathway that stretches throughout Englewood and marks the border between Denver and Aurora. 

The trail is perfect for walkers, runners, skaters, cyclists, and inline skaters.

Wrapping Up

Whether you live in Denver or are just visiting this vibrant city, these places will give you plenty of reasons to get outside and explore. 

From nature trails to rivers and lakes, there’s always something new to discover. 

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for some running trails that you’d like to check out. 

Thanks for reading, and happy running!

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