Do New Balances Run Small?

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a new pair of running shoes online in the size you know you are, only to receive them and realize they don’t fit.

Do New Balance Run Small

You have to package them back up and send them back and wait even longer until you receive a pair that fits. 

In this article, we will attempt to outline how new balance shoes come up in size to help ensure you don’t run into this problem. You’ll be running along in a perfectly fitting running shoe in no time!

In general, feedback suggests that most New Balance shoes come up true to size. However, there are gray areas with various models due to different widths for different shoe styles.

Making sure you get a pair of New Balance shoes that are comfortable all day long no matter what you are doing is crucial.

New Balance shoes have developed one of the most trusted names in America when it comes to active footwear, and have been eating up the competition since 1906.

New Balance is famous for combining functionality, comfort, support, and style. 

Feet are a very tricky thing as they vary drastically from person to person.

Of course, your entire body weight focuses itself on the feet so even small discomforts end up rearing their ugly head causing all sorts of problems down the line. 

The New Balance Fit

Do New Balance Run Small

New Balance shoes don’t need to be broken in. They are designed specifically to be worn from day one and don’t sacrifice any support in the process. 

New Balance has outlined some simple points to help you make the right shoe and size choice. 

  • No heel slipping
  • Toes should have a little bit of wiggle room
  • The arch of your foot should be flush with the midsole of the shoe

From reviews, it seems that in general New Balances are true to size if you have ‘medium-wide feet’. 

Different New Balance Classifications

Each model of the shoe consists of a different number which tells you about what category they fall under. 

The 570 model, for example, is in the mid-range. The numbers you need to consider are the last two of 570.

The range goes from 40 to 90. 40,50,60 being the best for stability, great for walking, or people in need of support from overpronation.

70, 80, and 90 are more suited for running, 70 and 80 for short distance runners, and 90 for long-distance runners. 

The categories go into more depth within each range, for example within the 70 category, you have 71,72,73,74, and so on… These numbers as they ascend tend to resemble the new models and styles as they come out but stay within the parameters of what the 70 series shoe offers in terms of comfort and performance. 

The New Balance 574 Fit

Do New Balance Run Small

Based on reviews the toe box of the 574 is said to be quite small offering a snug fit in the front of the shoe, not ideal for someone with a wide forefoot and big toes.

However, it’s been said that after some days the toe box gives a little more room. 

This shoe offers an amazing array of sizes claimed to fit any foot that’s thrown at it. It comes with standard width and wide options. This particular model comes up true to size.

If you have particularly wide feet then reports suggest going an extra half a size up could be a good idea, but before trying that, sticking with your original size and the wide option should be the first thing you try. 

Another point worth knowing, based on reviews, these shoes offer only moderate arch support, and some people may require an orthopedic sole which could affect the overall fit of the shoe. 

Does The New Balance 530 Come Up Small?

If you have extra wide feet this model is known to run small. These shoes are more for casual use around the house, an all-day kind of shoe.

This shoe is only available in standard width. This shoe is also unisex and comes in Euro sizes, so it’s best to look at the size guide which converts it into US sizes. 

If you are a man or woman with standard width feet these shoes will fit very well. If you have medium-wide feet then try half a size up. 

Width Size Chart For New Balance 

The ball of the foot is the widest part of the foot, it is this width that the shoe is based on. The length of the foot from the ball to the heel is measured, then based on the specific length, the particular width is found. 

A good way to measure your foot width is with something called the Brannock Device. This gives you a scale from A to D and gives you a measurement letter for the width your feet fall under related to the ball of your foot. 

New Balance has catered for both men and women in terms of width.

Women’s shoes tend to be wider in the front to keep posture correct, because of this the shoe width range is different in men’s and women’s New Balance shoes. 

The Best Way To Size For New Balance Shoes

  • Due to feet swelling throughout the day, it’s recommended to take your measurements at the end of the day. Also, make sure to measure both feet and take your size based on the larger foot. 
  • Find a straight wall and stand with the heels of your feet pressed up against the wall. Make sure the surface of the floor is flat and hard. 
  • Measure the foot’s length with a ruler being sure to line up correctly with the feet. Do this separately for each foot. 
  • Remember to bear in mind the socks you will be wearing as they add a little bit of size to the foot making the fit a little snugger. 
  • Take into account orthopedic soles you may add to the shoe.
  • For running and walking purposes, make sure your toes aren’t squeezed into the end of the shoe. Also, be sure that your heel doesn’t slip easily from the heel cup. If you are cross-training with a lot of sharp movements then a more snug fit could be beneficial. 


So, ultimately it’s hard to define whether New Balance shoes run small in general because many factors affect whether they come up small or big, as discussed above. 

New Balance has gone above and beyond to cater for all foot widths in Men’s and Women’s shoes, accounting for the differences in foot makeup in Men and Women. 

One of the prominent factors that affect shoe size is the width of your foot.

If you have particularly wide feet then you may find New Balance run a little small, however, if your feet fall under the average ‘normal’ width, then New Balance is known to be pretty spot on to size.

I hope this has helped you find your perfect fit. 

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