Do Pumas Run Small?

Puma has its place in the athletic shoe hall of fame. This company has been providing excellence for a long time. They have a diverse range of shoes, from varying styles, widths and uses. 

Do Pumas Run Small

In this article, we aim to shed some light on whether they run small or true to size. Many factors may affect whether a shoe runs true or not.

Worry no more, we will tell you everything you need to know about Puma shoe sizing to make sure your next purchase is spot on. 

Do Pumas Run Small?

From extensive customer feedback, many seem to think if anything, Puma shoes run slightly small. Many believe with Pumas you have to go up one size.

A lot of this is affected by the width of your foot. Read on to understand why. 

Wide Or Narrow?

One of the reasons Puma tends to come up small on many people is because they are relatively narrow shoes compared to others on the market.

This does depend on the model of shoe somewhat, but in general, this is a theme throughout Pumas shoes. 

Puma offers extra width options on a few models. If you are someone with particularly wide feet, Puma may not be the best brand for you.

There is one model, called the Puma Roma, that offers a wider option, but even so, this isn’t an especially wide shoe. 

The user may find after some time the shoe starts to cause aches and pains. Customer feedback suggests that for prolonged activities, the Roma becomes quite uncomfortable. 

How Comfortable Are Puma Shoes? 

Do Pumas Run Small

Puma shoes are designed for athletic activities, so comfort is at the forefront of importance. But comfort is an individual thing due to the differences in feet.

Puma shoes have a unique foam footbed with hugs to your feet offering amazing comfort. ArchTec technology is also used to help maintain the foot’s natural movement through a step or stride.

This system helps stop injuries and maintain correct foot posture.

Reports suggest that women with wide feet say that pumas come up on the tighter side for their size, sizing up can help this, but still for long periods of activity, the shoes can become uncomfortable due to their naturally narrow nature.

Nike Fit Compares With Puma 

Do Pumas Run Small

Nike has similarities to Puma in the fact that they tend to run a little smaller than other shoe brands. Nike’s shoes are also considered to be narrow.

If you purchase a size 9 Nike shoe, this is likely going to be the same size and fit as the Puma comparison. But of course, always keep in mind the variations from model to model.

Each model will have certain specifications on what they offer, so to be sure, it’s always a good idea to check this before buying. 

Adidas Compared To Puma

Do Pumas Run Small

We have established at this point that Puma is narrow and runs a little small. Adidas, however, runs on point to size. If you change from Puma to Adidas, it’s likely you will have to go up 1.5 sizes.

If you are someone with wide feet, Adidas is a far safer option for shoes. Adidas offer wider toe cavities and width for the wide forefoot. 

Under Armour VS Puma

Do Pumas Run Small

Under Armour is another shoe brand that comes up small. If you decide to change from Puma to Under Armour, then you’ll be fine sticking to the same sizes.

However, be aware of varying models and differences they may have. If you are someone with wide feet, you may need to go up half a size in Under Armour and Puma to find your fit. 

It’s been reported in customer feedback that some models of Under Armour shoes come up wider than others, this obviously will affect sizing so be sure to check the specs first. 

What Happens If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?

Puma has a very fair return policy. If you purchase the shoes online, and you find they don’t fit, Puma offers a 45-day return period, but they must be in mint condition, unused.

They also offer a refund policy if their shoes didn’t work out for you. 

You can also take the shoes from online purchase and head to any Puma retailer, and they can sort out the return for you in-store. Be sure to have the correct packaging and all the receipts of purchase.

If you paid with Apple Pay or PayPal, Puma offers a gift card for the exact amount. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brand Is More Popular, Nike Or Puma?

Nike has a value of 34.8 billion US dollars. Puma comes from Germany and is cheaper compared to Nike. Puma has proven to be very popular with younger people. 

Are Puma Good Walking Shoes?

The memory foam technology Puma uses offers outstanding all-day comfort. The Puma Dare AC is a great shoe for being on your feet all day, but won’t cut it for long runs. 


To sum up, it’s well documented that Puma shoes come up small and narrow, similar to Nike. If you have wide feet then Puma may not be the best brand for you.

Puma does offer a wider shoe called Puma Roma, but this is still relatively narrow compared to shoe brands known for their wide fit, such as Adidas. So after some time, this shoe could still present issues in someone with wide feet. If you have naturally narrow feet, Puma may be an excellent choice.

Puma offers outstanding comfort and support for intense athletic activity and has an amazing reputation in the market for top quality products. 

Compared to Adidas, it’s thought Puma shoes come up about 1.5 sizes smaller. Luckily, if mistakes are made in sizing, Puma offers an extensive return policy, so you aren’t left with a pair of shoes you can’t use. 

We hope you have found all the information you were looking for in this article, so you can buy with confidence and hopefully enjoy a perfectly fitted shoe for all your desired activities.
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