Half Marathons In Montana

Half-marathon races are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

The half-marathon has become a great way to get fit and enjoy some time off from running.

Half Marathons In Montana

A half-marathon is a distance race where participants run or walk for at least 13.1 miles (21 km).

Half-marathons usually take place over two days, with the first day being a shorter 6.2 mile (10 km) run and the second day being a longer 7.6 mile (12.5 km) run.

With its beautiful scenery, Montana is the perfect place for you to try out a half-marathon so let’s take a look at some of the best half-marathons in the Treasure state!

Veteran Suicide Awareness And Prevention Half Marathon

A veteran suicide occurs every 20 minutes. There are 20 million veterans living today.

This means there are more than 200 veteran suicides each year.

To prevent these deaths, we need to create awareness among the public about how to help a veteran who wants to commit suicide.

We also need to provide them with resources to help them get better.

This is what the Veteran Suicide Awareness And Prevention Half Marathon aims to do.

This half-marathon is an excellent physical challenge while championing a good cause.

Glacier Half Marathon

A race that takes place in a national park. Runners must complete the race within four hours.

Participants are allowed to walk, jog, or run. There are two different routes for the race.

The first route starts at Kiowa, Montana, and ends at the Glacier Park Lodge.

The second route starts at the Glacier Park Lodge and finishes near the lodge. Both routes go through beautiful scenery.

The course is well-marked, but you must stay to the left when there is traffic, and be courteous.

You should also be aware of cars and other runners as you run.

All runners will have four hours to complete the race. That is enough time for walkers.

Whitefish Marathon

The Whitefish Marathon & Half marathon starts at Depot Park in downtown Whitefish.

The half-marathon course goes around town, then up into the mountains.

The full marathon course follows the same route, but also includes some more challenging terrain.

There are several rolling hills along the route. Half-marathon runners should be proud of their accomplishments as they run up to 26 miles.

Marathon runners should be proud of themselves for completing such a long-distance race.

Whitefish have an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit during springtime.

This means that most people prefer to wear shorts or dresses when going out in Whitefish.

However, the weather gets cooler as you get further away from the town.

Queen Bee Marathon

A marathon is an endurance test of physical fitness and stamina. There are two types of marathons: road and trail.

This race is a half-marathon (13 miles). The race starts in Moult, Montana at the Community Center.

You’ll get awards for finishing first, second, and third in each age group.

The race will start at 8 am, but there will be other events going on throughout the day.

The Montana Marathon is the new home of the 406 Race Series.

The race also accepts donations through the registration process to help support the YMCA Youth Programs.

Bear Paw Marathon

Bear Paw Marathon

Participants should wear bright clothing to improve their visibility. Music devices with headphones/earbuds are allowed.

If you bring your own music device, you must still be capable of hearing instructions from race officials, directions from course monitors, and warnings from other racers.

You must also be able to hear any emergency situations such as vehicles overtaking you.

If you experience medical problems during the race, please look for a Volunteer or Police Officer.

If you need to drop out of the event, please inform a volunteer or police officer, and they will arrange for transport.

All participants must complete the course within 8 hours or forfeit their spot.

Anyone who takes more than 8 hours will be asked to leave the course. Volunteers will be removed if they take too long.

No aid stations, traffic control, or other volunteers will be allowed during the race.

Participants may cross any street or highway as long as they stay off the sidewalk.

The race ends when the clock hits 2:00 pm. Aid stations will be closed and roads will open again. There are 13 aid stations for each race.

Aid stations are located every 2 miles. Water is available at some of them.

A half-marathon takes place in the Bear Paw Mountains. The course runs through the scenic Beaver Creek Park.

Participants will enjoy the thrill of racing through the mountains.

There are no bears in the bear paw mountains, but you’ll run like they’re everywhere.

There are 13 aid stations for the full marathon and eight aid stations for the half.

They are approximately every two miles. Some aid stations might be unmanned and only have drinking water.

The half and the full marathon courses officially close by 2 pm, an eight-hour limit.

Aid stations will shut down and streets will open based on the eight-hour limit.

Buzzard Day Run

This event is a fun day for the whole family. The Buzzard Day Run is an annual event held in Glendive, MT.

There is also a Fun Run/Kids Run and a 10k run and a 5k run. Running plans are designed by experts who have experience running marathons.

There are several plans available for different types of runners.

The race takes place on a beautiful trail near Medina County. There is a new loop course this season if the creek doesn’t rise.

A great opportunity to train on a well-maintained trail.

Yellowstone Half Marathon

This race is located in a remote part of the world. You should expect to see lots of beautiful scenery.

There are several parks nearby, but you won’t get any help if you need medical attention or anything else.

Explorer’s Club is a new program designed to give people the opportunity to explore some of America’s most famous national parks.

There are a variety of activities available including hiking, camping, photography, and even swimming.

These activities are free and open to everyone. A challenging list of activities that fit into six categories.

You can pick what interests you the most. Some activities are easy, while others are more difficult.

The race starts at 5:30 am. The race ends at 7:00 pm. The course is about 10 miles long. Most of the course is dirt roads and trails.

The majority of the course takes place in the Gallatin National Forest.

The course starts out flat, but then there are two hills along the course. There is also a river crossing near the end of the course.

A steep hill in the middle of the race makes the last half of the race very difficult.

There are lots of obstacles along the way, including thick forest, rocks, and a less-defined path.

This race is a very technical course and requires a lot of training. There are many hills, and the terrain is rough.

There is a large field behind the old airport road lot. You can run there if you want. This is an out & back race.

There are two loops around the course.

The first loop begins at the Old Airport Road parking lot and ends at the intersection of Old Airport Road and West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

The second loop begins at the intersection of Old airport road and West Lake Sammamish Parkway and ends at the Old Airport Road Parking Lot.

Montana Half Marathon

This course features rolling hills as well as steep climbs.

A Boston qualifier means that this is an excellent course for those who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

As Montana’s trailhead, you’ll see all that the state has got to offer.

You can go to Yellowstone National Park, drive along Bear tooth Highway, or visit some famous national monuments.

Mountain To Meadow Half Marathon

Mountain To Meadow Half Marathon

This race takes place in the mountains near the Idaho border.

There are plenty of flowers and scenic views. The event starts and finishes at the Lolo Pass Visitors’ Center.

The half-marathon is much more difficult than the full marathon because of the steep climbs.

There are many great views as you climb up the mountain. The latter part of the race has a lot of downhill running.

The 10K course is shorter but still has some tough hills. Both courses end at the same place on top of the mountain.

A mountain range is shown on the map. Course maps are available for both the Half Marathon and 10K races.

You can zoom in or out by clicking on the map. There is also an option to toggle between the Half Marathon course and the 10K course.

Dogs should be kept leashed at all times, and if you do let them off-leash, then make sure they’ve cleaned up after.

Missoula Marathon

The Missoula Marathon is an annual event held in Missoula, Montana. The race takes place every year during the summer months.

This race attracts thousands of participants each year.

People come to the race to enjoy the scenery, but also because this race is one of the biggest races in the United States.

Every runner wants to win the race, but there are many other things that make this race great.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and get involved in the community.

The marathon course is flat, fast, and easy to run. This is a qualifying race for Boston.

Run Wild Missoula

Montana Trail Crew is an organization that helps people who love to run. MTCC provides resources for trail runners.

MTCC promotes trail running by organizing races and festivals. MTCC also works to protect land for future generations.

MTBC was founded in August 2013 by a bunch of trail runners who wanted to create a place for mountain and trail runners to come together.

In January 2017, MTBC joined Run Wild Missoula as a member.

MTBC is dedicated to strengthening the Montana trail racing community and advocating for the land and trails that they use every day.

Run For Heaven’s Sake Half Marathon

Billings, Montana can expect to see temperatures between 61 °F and 75 °F with a high of 76 °F and a low of 55 °F.

Humidity levels should be about 80 percent. Precipitation is expected to be less than half an inch.

A race for a charity called Race For Heaven’s Sake is held every year in Billings, Montana.

It was founded by two friends who lost their babies. This year’s race is being held on Saturday, May 14th.

There will be a 5K run, a 10K run, and a half-marathon. Each runner receives a medal after completing each distance.

Participants must register online before they can pick up their packet.

All proceeds go towards the Ramsey Keller Memorial, which helps pay for infant funeral expenses in the state of Montana.

The course begins at the base of Mt. Sheridan and winds up the mountain past the golf course.

This is a scenic route with many opportunities to take pictures and enjoy nature.

The course is flat and fast-paced, making this a great run for beginners or seasoned runners alike.

The finish line is located on the top of Mt. Sheridan.

In 2016, the Ramsey Keller Memorial Foundation helped more than 100 Montana families whose babies had died.

Ramsey’s mom, Kori Keller, and her husband, Bill, started the foundation as a way to help other grieving parents.

The foundation paid for each funeral in Montana.

In 2017, the foundation raised $50,000 in donations for the cause. In 2018, the foundation raised $100,000 in donations.

Final Thoughts

Running is a great sport to try if you want to stay fit and healthy. Running has been around for centuries.

Today, running is becoming more popular all over the world. If you have not tried running yet, then now is the time to start!

We hope that this article has given you an insight into what half-marathons are available to take part in when you visit Montana!

There are some fantastic races to compete in and for all you runners out there, go nuts!

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