Half Marathons In October

Half marathon running events are the perfect way to push yourself and your running ability without having to commit to the training it takes to complete the full marathon distance. 

Throughout the United States, half marathon events have grown massively in popularity, almost becoming as popular as the full marathon event.

Half Marathons In October

This is great for all types of runners that want to take part in a new event.

In fact, there are so many half marathon events taking place throughout America, that listing all the best ones throughout the year in one place is practically impossible.

So much so, we want to make things easier by showing you the best half marathons by month.

In this post, we will be talking you through the best half marathons on offer across the USA in October. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun event or a more serious competition this October, you’re in the perfect place.

Here you will learn about all the best races and what to expect, so make sure you stick around.

Let’s jump straight into the post!

Bay Ridge Half Marathon

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Date: October 1st

The first half marathon on our list is the Bay Ridge Half Marathon which takes place in Brooklyn, New York.

Perfect for any level of runner, a lot of NYC Marathon runners like to take part in this half in preparation for the main event.

A flat and fast course, runners make their way along Shore Road Promenade in Bay Ridge. It is here runner’s have the best opportunity to hit some personal best times.

Those who are keen to enjoy a relaxed run with beautiful scenery will really appreciate the outstanding views of Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and Verrazano Bridge. 

Starting and finishing at American Veterans Memorial Pier, once you’ve collected your finisher medal, the race organizers will treat you with cookies, bagels, chips, and plenty of fresh water. 

Urban Cow Half Marathon

Location: Sacramento, CA

Date: October 2nd

Runners looking for an entertaining day as well as a great race should consider taking part in the Urban Cow Half Marathon in Sacramento.

Taking place for the 18th year in a row in October 2022, this race day has been designed with fun for all in mind. 

Aside from a challenging, yet doable for most half marathon, the organizers of the event also run a 5k race and a Half Calf Kid’s Race.

This gives the whole family a chance to take part in something fun. 

Interestingly, for those that can’t attend the event, there is also a virtual option that allows runners to take part elsewhere. 

A loop course, the race starts in William Land Park, where Sacramento Zoo can be found.

Runner’s then make their way through grassy meadows and tree canopies before exploring some of Sacramento’s most picturesque neighborhoods.

After the race, live music and parties take place to finish an awesome day.

Georgetown Half Marathon

Location: Washington DC

Date: October 8th

The Georgetown Half Marathon gives runners the opportunity to take part in a flat, relatively easy race right in the heart of Georgetown found not too far away from the Nation’s Capital. 

The beauty of this half marathon is how it is suitable for all.

Those wanting to take it seriously can do it, but others who just want to complete the race with their family and friends can run how they see fit too.

Even walkers and others who don’t run are more than welcome to take part. 

In terms of the course, both the half marathon and 5k event run along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal path, giving runners scenic views of the surrounding area. 

A virtual option is also available for this race if you can’t make race day. Virtual runners can expect to receive a medal and running top just like those taking part in Georgetown.

Lake Tahoe Marathon & Half Marathon

Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Date: October 14th

The Lake Tahoe Marathon & Half Marathon is a multi-race event that claims to be the most beautiful course in America.

From what we’ve seen, we tend to agree. In fact, the starting point at Emerald Bay is probably the most spectacular start line you’ll ever see. 

The rest of the course is equally beautiful, taking you along the lake’s shorelines that are lined with lush forest paths and rolling hills. 

This half marathon also has plenty of aid stations and places to eat at the finish line, so you can treat yourself once you’ve conquered the course. 

The Lake Tahoe Half Marathon is also very well known for the incredibly stunning medals each participant is given. It is also worth noting that this course is free of any traffic. 

Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Date: October 15th

The next half marathon on our list is the Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon. Famed for its majestic views, this race takes place on the west side of the valley.

We all know Las Vegas for its bustling city nightlife, so this race gives runners the chance to escape. 

Taking place at sunset, runners head through Red Rock Canyon which is one of the most important natural treasures found in and around Las Vegas.

The beauty of the race starting towards sunset is that runners get to experience the most amazing colors as the sky changes.

It also gives runner’s the chance to experience what running a half marathon is like at night. 

As the sun sets, you can expect to be greeted with a magical star-spotted skyline. You will even catch a glimpse of Las Vegas’s neon lights in the distance. 

An out and back race, you will start and finish at an elevation of 3,800 m so you will have to be comfortable running at higher altitudes.

GFNY Florida Marathon Half Marathon & 4.2M Sebring

Location: Sebring, FL

Date: October 22nd

Found in central Florida, Sebring is home to almost 100 crystal clear lakes, cattle ranches, and enormous citrus groves.

The area is also home to one of Florida’s oldest state parks and the Sebring International Railway. Together, all of these things create the ideal place for a half marathon.

So much so, one takes place here every year.

Taking part in the Sebring half marathon gives runner’s the chance to push themselves physically while still enjoying what Florida has to offer.

Taking part in this race you’ll be spoiled with a wonderful experience of ‘Old Florida’ charm and its beautifully relaxed way of life. 

The race starts and finishes at a Barn in Paso Fino. The course is mostly flat, taking you through scrub habitat, tranquil meadows, and scenic roads. You’ll also loop around the pristine Lake Hill. 

To provide runners with plenty of chances to refuel, the course has five aid stations per loop.

AthHalf Half Marathon & 5K 

Location: Athens, GA

Date: October 23rd

As far as fun half marathons go, the Athens Half Marathon takes some beating.

A race packed with everything Athens has to offer, this exciting half marathon takes runners through Athens’ most historic districts, the UGA campus, and downtown.

Arguably the most enjoyable aspect of this race is the bands that play alongside the course.

While all of these factors make the race worthwhile, the biggest reason to take part is for the program the race supports.

This half marathon is run by a non-profit organization. All profits raised from the race go back into the local community through the development of arts and music programs for locals.

By taking part in the race, you are impacting a local child’s access to arts and music.

In terms of difficulty, you can expect a fairly easy race that is mostly flat with the occasional incline and decline.

Bear Creek Half Marathon

Location: Columbia, MO

Date: October 29th

Anyone looking for a fast-paced, flat race half marathon that doesn’t challenge you too much should look at a different race.

The Bear Creek Half Marathon that takes place in Columbia, MO is a hilly course consisting of tough climbs and tricky trails. 

Having said that, it is an awesome race if you’re looking to push yourself more. It is also a very scenic course that has sweeping views. 

Although this course is quite difficult, you will appreciate the shaded 1.1-mile-long path to the finish line. This 1.1-mile shaded path is a lovely way to finish what will have been a challenging, very hot race.

Every entrant and finisher will receive a stunning medal, plenty of support through aid stations, and high-quality running shirts. 

The Haunted Forest Half Marathon

Location: Canal Fulton, OH

Date: October 30th

The final half marathon on our list is the Haunted Forest Half Marathon which takes place in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

As you can probably tell from its name, this half marathon takes runners through a ‘haunted’ forest. However, you don’t need to worry about anyone or anything jumping out at you.

Despite the race being designed around horror, it is actually a very relaxed, entertaining half marathon that most people will be able to complete with relative ease.

In fact, the race takes place in late October because the organizers want to give you the best chance possible of hitting a PB before the end of the year.

When it comes to difficulty, this race might be the easiest on our list. With a total elevation of just 40 feet, this race is flat and fast.

The race organizers also pride themselves on offering their event at a very affordable price.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of half marathons taking place across the USA in October.

While there may be many more to choose from, in this list we have given you a good taste of the best races on offer.

Besides, if we were to talk about every half marathon taking place in October in the U.S. we’d still be here in a week’s time. 

All the races on our list offer something unique and special.

Whether it be that they offer unique sights along the way, a new race dynamic, or simply offer a race where even walkers can take part. 

Whether you’re a competitive racer looking for your next challenge, or a running lover looking to try something new and exciting with your friends, there is a half marathon on our list for you. 

All you need to do now is decide which races you want to take part in. When you’ve made your decision why not register. You can then start your training. Good luck!

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