How To Carry Phone While Running

Most of us are aware of the benefits of running. It’s a great way to burn calories, keep your heart healthy and keep your lung capacity up.

How To Carry Phone While Running

When people are looking to lose weight – they often turn to running as a way to help them along their journey.

The one way that people enjoy running is to get music going while they’re on the move. This is a great motivator and can seriously keep you going when you feel like you’re running on empty.

Nowadays, we use our smartphones to listen to music.

Our smartphones are our HUB. We have our lives in them from our social media, our emails and of course – our music.

Therefore, we’re far more likely to be carrying our smartphones with us when we’re going for a run than a Walkman or an iPod. 

This guide will examine how you’re meant to carry your smartphone with you when you’re going on a run, along with some other handy pieces of information that you might need to know.

So, take a seat and settle in as we dive deep into the world of running in the modern era. 

Carry It In Your Hand 

How To Carry Phone While Running

We might as well start off with the glaringly obvious answer. If you have Bluetooth headphones, the chances are you do not have wires which need to be kept in place while you’re running. 

If this is the case, why not simply carry your phone in your hand while you’re running? You’ll always know where it is, and you won’t have to keep checking your pockets for it, worrying that it has dropped out and fallen on the floor somewhere. 

This method means you do not need to purchase any brand-new pieces of running equipment, and you don’t need to worry about the phone’s location.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. If you’re carrying your phone in your hand, there are a few potential dangers.

  1. You might drop it and break the screen
  2. You leave the phone open to the elements, potentially water damage 
  3. It takes away one of your hands which you may prefer to leave open 
  4. There’s a chance that someone might try to take it 

Your Pockets 

How To Carry Phone While Running

Again, this might sound a little obvious but most running trousers or shorts have pockets.

These pockets might not exactly be designed for a smartphone, but you’ll be able to carry around your most essential item while you’re running – meaning the music never stops.

Additionally, this frees your hands up, so you can keep on running and there’s little chance that you will develop asymmetric running disorders.

Of course, this isn’t foolproof either. Putting your smartphone in your pockets has its own risks over reward too. The cons of doing this includes:

  1. Your phone might slip out without you knowing if you have no zips 
  2. The weight of the phone can weigh your trousers/shorts down 
  3. You may feel conscious that the phone is in your pocket and this can affect your running 
  4. Some phones do not fit in the pockets 
  5. Some trousers or shorts do not have pockets 
  6. Your phone might still get wet or even sweaty in your pocket 

Hip Belt 

How To Carry Phone While Running

One of the best inventions for runners over the last decade or so has been the hip belt. Although the concept isn’t new, the developments in this area have been amazing.

This invention allows runners to run for much longer without worrying about their personal items.

Additionally, the design is specifically targeted to avoid water and other liquids, which allows the runner to run without panic of their smartphone becoming water damaged in the process.

Runners want to do their thing without worry, and this helps them do that. 

Like with everything else on this list though, even this has drawbacks to it. They include: 

  1. They can be quite pricey 
  2. They aren’t for every size 
  3. Some people feel uncomfortable wearing them
  4. Loose or poor fitting belts can cause chaffing 
  5. They have been known to break easily and allow water to absorb through


How To Carry Phone While Running

Running armbands have been an amazing option for serious runners over the years.

They allow runners to keep going without any weight bringing them down in the leg area and keep a person worry free when it comes to their belongings. 

As you can see your phone through a plastic casing, you can even use it if you need to, and you can see if there are any problems.

Armbands are typically lightweight and designed for runners to go out in all weathers, but they too have their own cons which are:

  1. Not always the cheapest option 
  2. Does not fit everyone 
  3. Poor fit can mean pains and chaffing 
  4. Can be difficult to use the phone under the plastic 
  5. Can lead to strange shaped tan lines in the sun 

Sports Bra 

How To Carry Phone While Running

Female running enthusiasts will know that the bra can be a great storage place for their smartphones and whilst running, this is of no exception.

However, there are probably more drawbacks to this than any other method which include:

  1. Sweat on the phone 
  2. Uncomfortable to carry whilst running 
  3. Larger phones can be painful 
  4. Possibility of damage if you fall 

Water Bottle Holder 

How To Carry Phone While Running

Some water bottles have been designed for runners now that they have a sleeve on them which allows runners to carry their water bottle whilst they’re running, but their phone is attached to it, meaning you’re only using one hand. 

Of course though, this is fine, but it means that:

  1. You’re using one hand 
  2. The phone might slip out 
  3. The phone might get wet 

The Bottom Line 

Running with your phone can be difficult, but there are things that you can buy which can help you along your way when you need to take your phone with you. 

Nowadays, it might just be easier to invest in an older music device and leave the phone at home though!

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