Marathons In Columbus, Ohio

A marathon is a distance race where competitors attempt to complete 26 miles (42 kilometers) within a certain time limit. The term comes from the Greek word “marathon” meaning “long journey”.

Marathons In Columbus, Ohio

Marathons are held around the world every year. They vary in length depending on the event, but they usually last between 2 and 3 hours.

There are also shorter distances such as half-marathons, which are typically completed in less than 90 minutes.

So what marathons take place in Columbus, Ohio? More than you might think! Let’s dive in and find out more.

Springfield Ohio Capital

Something For Everyone! This is a great race for runners looking to get into distance races. There are many distances available including a 10K, 5K, and a 1-mile fun run.

The course is flat and there is plenty of room for spectators along the route.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus Marathon

There are a million reasons to run with us in Columbus each year. From the fast course to the incredible partnership with Children’s Hospital, race day is an experience, unlike any others.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is honored to be the title beneficiary of the Columbus Marathon.

A race that takes place every year in Columbus, OH. The distance is 26.2 miles long. The women’s record was set in 2003 by a woman named Lisa Krupicka who ran a time of 2:28:15.

The men’s record was also set in 2003 by a man named Ryan Hall who ran a time of 3:01:12.

The first marathon was held on June 4th, 1978. The second marathon was held on November 16th, 1980.

Tommy Persson of Stockholm, Sweden set a course record with a time of 2:11:2. The third marathon was held on November 15th, 1982. The fourth marathon was held on October 1st, 1984. The fifth marathon was held on July 18th, 1986. 

Ohio Health Capital City Half Marathon

The Capital City Half Marathon will take place on April 30, 2022, in downtown Columbus. This race has been running since 2004.

Thousands of people run this race each year. The Capital City Half Marathon is the choice for thousands of racers and walkers.

The race showcases the city of Columbus and its many neighborhoods and entertainment districts. Runners and walkers come from all over the region to participate in this race.

In addition to the main race, there are also races for children and women. There are other events during the weekend including music concerts, festivals, and other activities.

The Capital City Half marathon has an economic impact of $7.5 million per year. This race benefits many charities, including the Ohio Health Foundation. The race has been held annually since 2004.

Many non-profits use this race to raise money. This year’s race will take place on April 17th. Be sure to follow them on Facebook! 

Choose Your Own Path Marathon

A certified course has been created through downtown Columbus. Runners will select a date and location, meet their timer on-site, and receive their bib.

Runners who want to follow a pre-designed course may do so by selecting a time and place to start. Runners who wish to go rogue may do so by choosing a time and location to begin.

There will be a packet pick-up each day starting on Thursday, May 20th until Saturday, May 23rd. The race begins at 8:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm, there is a cut-off time of 11:30 am or 12:00 pm depending on the day.

There are different distances for the full marathon and half-marathon. Participants should bring their own hydration.

There will be sealed water bottles at the 5k, 6.5 miles, 13.1 mile, 16.2 mile, and 18.6-mile marks. Bottles must be dropped in provided trashcans, not along the sides of the trail.

Disqualifications will occur if bottles aren’t dropped in trashcans. A race swag pack including a die-cast finisher medal and a Craft Sportswear shirt.

Ohio Emerald City Half And Quarter Marathon

This race is held every year in Dublin, OH. The course starts at historic Dublin and ends at the new Bridge Park entertainment complex. Participants run or walk the entire distance. The race finishes at 7 am. 

There is an awards ceremony at the finish line. The 2021 Ohio Health Emerald City Race was held in person on August 22, 2021.

This race featured a Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, and 5K. The Half Marathon starts and finishes in Historic Dublin.

Columbus, Ohio Spring Sprint

Columbus, Ohio is the perfect place to do a 5K. There’s lots of beautiful scenery and the weather is warm enough to go out without a jacket.

You’ll get plenty of running and walking opportunities, as well as fun races to participate in. Results will be posted online. Registration includes a race t-shirt and finishers’ medals. 

Age Group Awards: The top 3 males and females in each category will win awards. Check in and Collect at the race after you finish.

Ohio Super Sprint Triathlon takes place at Antrim Park in the heart of Columbia, Ohio. This event includes swimming, biking, and running.

Marathons In Columbus, Ohio (1)

A division for beginners and an advanced division for more seasoned athletes. If you can swim and run, or run and bike, then come out and join the fun!

This race is open to everyone. You can register individually, or you can participate in a relay team. There are different distances for both individual and relay teams. Registration is open and closed.

The race starts with a loop around the lake. Then the athletes ride along Worthington Road, then turn onto Linworth Road, then head into Columbus. Finally, they ride back to the starting point.

Columbus, Ohio Rugged Maniac

This event is an awesome obstacle course race. There are over 20 different obstacles including water slides, inflatable walls, and rope climbs.

You’ll also get to enjoy the day-long festival with lots of food and drinks. Our course is designed for both thrill and fun.

The obstacles are challenging enough to be exciting and fun, but not too hard or dangerous. There are plenty of obstacles to choose from, including a 3-story water slide.

You are going to race on a three-mile obstacle course with over 25 obstacles. After the event, you will be able to enjoy a full day of festivities including music, games, and drinks.

Running is a great exercise for people who want to lose weight or tone up. Their recommended trainers can help you reach your goals. They have an excellent track record of helping runners improve their performance.

Delaware, Ohio State Cougar

Students need to be able to afford books to complete their degrees. The Cougar 5K raises funds to give back to students who might otherwise struggle to buy books.

A virtual 5k works great if you’re running or walking anywhere. You can run or walk anyplace and anytime you want between Saturday, May 7, and Sunday, May 15. 

There will be a follow-up email explaining how to enter your time to qualify for some cool prizes. No placements medals will be given out, but everyone will get a participation medal, a shirt, and a bag of goodies.

Columbus State Cougars are a running team that hosts an annual 5K run/walk. Their goal is to raise money for scholarship funds for students who need them.

To do this, they host a 5K run/walk each year. All proceeds go towards providing scholarships for students.

Deer Creek Trail

Hiking trails in Deer Creek park are great for families who want to enjoy nature together. You can choose from five different hikes that range from 49 to 416 feet in altitude.

The park is located in the very heart of Ohio’s agricultural and main country.

There will be many trails leading up to the race. You’ll need to prepare yourself for some rough terrain, especially if you’ve never hiked before.

The schedule of events includes the 5k A punchy run, course 10k of run, up-and-down, 15k out-and-back run, running, and the great relay views race.

Ohio Savage Race

Savage PRO is for advanced athletes who want to improve their performance. Participants compete for age group awards and other prizes. 

Savage Race has a wonderful support community with thousands of obstacle racers just like you. Their private Facebook group ranges from newbies to pros.

You can get direct access to conversations with their staff and other obstacle racers. A team-based game where players work together to complete challenges, compete against others and make new friends.

Spectators have full access. Spectator courses are provided. Spectators get a free pass. You can buy a spectator pass if you want to watch the race. This is a tough obstacle course race that takes place in Zanesville, Ohio. 

You’ll be running around the city for miles, but there will be plenty of obstacles along the way. There will be some really difficult ones, including water slides, mud pits, and other challenges.

You’ll need to work together as a team to complete this race. Savage Race is more than an obstacle race. It is also a mud race.

You’ll face off with other competitors in a 5-mile course. You’ll get to tackle some of the toughest mud obstacles in the world.

This race is designed to be the experience you’ve always wanted. The course is very muddy, and there are many obstacles. Expect surprises along the way.

Westerville Rotary 5K

Get your July 4 holiday moving with the Rotary Club of Westerville’s Independence Day 5K at 08 am Monday, July 4.

The race and all our Independence Day events for 2022 will take place in Westerville Rotary. Participants get t-shirts, medals, and other goodies.

Proceeds goes to the Rotary’s charitable works, including our scholarship program for local high school graduates.

The schedule for 2022 is: 8:00 am 5K run-walk. 9:15 am children’s fun run. The final day of registration for pre-registered participants ends at noon on July 3rd at the Polaris fleet feet store, 1270 East Powell Road.

This is a fun run that takes place during the summer holidays. Participants get a t-shirt and a medal after completing the course. Money raised goes towards charity work done by the club.

Ohio CRC Mile Dash

This year’s Mile Dash will be held in the morning. Participants will wear swag while registering. The number of participants will determine how much money schools can earn. Schools will receive half of the total amount earned.

First place gets 50%, second place gets 30%, and third place gets 20%. This race is about running a mile as fast as possible. The winner gets an automatic spot in next year’s marathon.

This race takes place in a field next to a restaurant. There is a signpost at the start/finish line. The course goes around the edge of the field.

The first heat starts at 7 am. The second heat starts at 8.35 am. The Grasshopper Kids Dash begins at 8:50 am.

This is an out-and-back route that starts and finishes near the inflatable arch near registration. The adult open heat begins at 9:10 am.

This is an Out-and-Back route that starts and finishes next to the inflatable arch near Registration. The awards ceremony begins at 9:30 am in the grassy area West of Buffalo Wild Wings.

The event is a fun race for teens. It’s close to the store, so people can walk there. People cheer for their schools’ mascots.

The race is flat, so everyone runs fast. There will be many people cheering for the runners. The grasshopper’s summer running club will be there too. Adults run out and back miles. Kids run out and back miles as well.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article on marathons in Columbus, Ohio!

There really are some fantastic marathons to run in America, and we hope that you’ve found the perfect marathon for you to take part in when you visit Columbus, Ohio, or if you already live in this fantastic state!

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