Marathons In Utah

A marathon is a long distance race that normally covers a distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles or 385 yards).

Over half a million Americans take part in these races every year, and each state has its own annual marathons that attract runners from all over the country and the world. 

Marathons In Utah

Utah is one of the American states well known for its stunning landscapes that range from arid deserts to verdant pine forests.

As such, there are lots of incredible routes for marathon runners of all ages and skill levels to take part in.

Those who enjoy cross-country races will find lots of awesome marathons in this state that take place in some beautifully scenic locations.  

Whether you’re a complete beginner to long distance running or a seasoned marathon veteran, you are sure to find an event that suits you.

In this article, we will show you a few of the most popular marathons that take place in the state of Utah

Serengeti Trail Races

Location: Erda

Date: April 9th

This race takes place in Tooele county and offers some incredible cross-country routes for anyone who enjoys going off the beaten track.

The course will take runners-up ATV tracks and dirt trails offering incredible views of Tooele valley, the Great Salt Lake, and the Stansbury Mountains.

Beginners will enjoy how gentle the race is compared to other Marathons, while seasoned runners will love the vast open landscapes and awesome views. 

There is a full marathon, as well as shorter routes for a half-marathon, 10k and 5k races as well. Regular aid stations have been placed along the course to keep runners topped up on food and water.

Salt Lake City Marathon

Location: Salt Lake City

Date: April 23rd

This marathon was voted as the ‘Best Running Event in Utah’ back in 2019, and it’s easy to see why.

The course starts at the Olympic Legacy Bridge, and finishes at the Library Square.

Most of the marathon is downhill, which makes this a relatively easy event and suitable for those looking to attempt their first long distance race. 

Both the full marathon and half-marathon will take contestants past some of the best sights and landmarks in Salt Lake City.

There are also much shorter 10k and 5k runs for less experienced athletes and a kids run, so the whole family can take part in this awesome event.

Runners can use this race to qualify for the Boston Marathon if they complete it within a set time limit. 

Ogden Marathon

Location: Ogden 

Date: May 21st

This event has been voted as one of the ‘Best Marathons In the World’, by Runners World.

It was also chosen as one of the best races for first time marathon runners, since most of the course is relatively flat.

The course takes contestants all around the historic city of Ogden, Utah, so they can see all the major sights and attractions.

There are routes for all ages and skill levels with both a full and half-marathon as well as 12k and 5k races.

This is another event that can be used to qualify for the Boston Marathon, provided it is completed within a specific time limit.

After the race is done, all the participants will be able to take part in the after party held at the finish line. 

Utah Valley Marathon

Location: Provo

Date: June 4th

The Utah Valley Marathon is another race that is mostly downhill and therefore very suitable for complete beginners to long distance running.

It takes contestants through the stunning natural landscapes of the Provo valley, following the path of the river into downhill Provo.

During this course, runners can admire beautiful forest trails, wide open plains and a panoramic view of the city below. 

There are regular aid stations along the course to keep all the runners hydrated and stacked up on snacks.

If you don’t want to complete the full marathon, you can choose to run in the half-marathon or the 10k route instead. This race can be used to qualify for the Boston marathon. 

Bear Lake Trifecta

Location: Garden City 

Date: June 11th

This event actually consists of three marathons in three different states, which makes it a great choice for those looking to run a marathon in every state.

Bear Lake is roughly equidistant between Salt Lake City in Utah, Pocatello in Idaho and Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

You naturally don’t have to complete the whole trifecta, and this marathon makes for an equally enjoyable event when run on its own. 

There are courses for a full and half-marathon, as well as a 5k run held on the same day.

After the race, participants can take part in a great awards ceremony, where they will receive a t-shirt and a medal for taking part. 

Morgan Valley Marathon

Location: Morgan

Date: June 25th

Beginners and seasoned runners alike will love the scenic landscapes offered by this race.

There are courses for all ages and skill levels, including both a half and full marathon, as well as a 5k route. 

The start and finish line is located near Morgan high school and takes runners around the outskirts of the town, so they can admire the Wasatch Mountains as well as the surrounding valleys.

Due to the naturally hilly landscape, this isn’t the best race for anyone who isn’t a fan of running uphill.

If you are planning to run in the Boston Marathon, then this is a great event for qualifying for it. 

Deseret News Marathon

Location: Salt Lake City

Date: July 23rd

The Deseret New Marathon is one of the oldest marathons in the state of Utah and has been held annually for 51 years.

It is an incredibly scenic race that takes contestants down the historic pioneer route into Salt Lake Valley. 

There are courses for a full and half-marathon along with smaller 10K and 5K routes, although if you want to qualify for the Boston marathon then you will need to complete the full 26.2 miles. 

Since this race is mostly downhill, it is a great choice for anyone who is trying long distance running for the first time.

There are buses that take runners to the top of the mountain, so they can begin their descent, although they leave at 3:45am, so be prepared for an early start. 

Beaver Canyon Marathon

Location: Beaver

Date: August 6th

This is yet another race that is mostly downhill starting at an elevation level of 10,000ft and ending at 6000ft above sea level in the picturesque Beaver valley.

Along the way, runners will pass stunning forests, lakes and Eagle Point ski resort.

Anyone looking to take part in the Boston marathon can use this race to qualify for it by completing it in a specific time limit. 

As well as the main event, there is also a half-marathon for long distance runners who want to build up their mileage. 

The route sticks to the main roads, making this a great choice for anyone who wants a scenic race without having to run over rough terrain. 

Mid Mountain Marathon

Location: Park City

Date: August 20th

This is another marathon that is part of a larger event consisting of three races in total.

Runners are challenged and pushed to the limits of their physical fitness across three routes that feature some of the most beautiful scenery that Utah has to offer.

The Mid-Mountain marathon is the final race in this event and is preceded by the Round Valley Rambler half-marathon and the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase. 

Voted the best trail marathon in Utah, runners can admire the rolling hills and stunning woodland that surrounds Park city.

The registration price for this event increases after the 30th of June, so if you want to take part, it is a good idea to book your spot in advance. 

Top of Utah Marathon

Location: Logan 

Date: September 17th

The final race on our list is another one that can be used to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

This event begins and finishes on center street in downtown Logan and takes runners along the Logan River trail through miles of stunning wetlands.

In the distance, you will be able to admire the Cache National forest as well as many other awesome sights that are located along this route. 

All the participants in the race will receive a VIP card, which will grant them access to both the race and the celebrations that take place afterwards.

If you aren’t feeling the whole marathon, you can choose from the shorter courses, which range from 20k all the way down to 5k. 


So there we have it! We hope that you enjoyed reading about these amazing Utah races and that you now know exactly where you should go next year when you decide to get out and enjoy some long distance running. 

Many of these races are great for cross country runners who want to see some stunning natural geography, and since most of them are downhill they are also great for beginners.

So next time you are planning to run a Marathon, why not choose one of these spectacular events held in the state of Utah.

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