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Our Weight Loss Holidays, in Spain offer fantastic breaks, which are specifically designed to meet your individual needs and weight loss goals. This is not a training camp but a holiday, where you learn how to lose weight and change your life.

Our weight loss centre is a private Spanish hideaway in Spain, just 800m from the beach and town of Moraira, where we have programmes for everyone. Too large or embarrassed about visiting a gym, lose weight on one of our weight loss holidays in Spain, designed for the individual, in you.

We limit the number of guests to a maximum of 4 to ensure total support, during your stay. Our Weight Loss Holidays are open to everyone needing a lifestyle change.

We offer weight loss holidays with Yoga, Pilates, Body pump, Batuka, Gap, and Aerobics. If you enjoyed the gym, you would not be reading this now. On your weight loss holiday, we work with you, to find an exercise that you, not only enjoy but can take away with you.

Weight loss Holidays in Moraira near Javea, join us at the exclusive le dauphin Restaurant

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How many diets have you tried and the only loss is your bank balance, do not think in terms of diets but a healthy lifestyle. You must plan a change to your life style and habits, not just your dietary habits. We will help you find a healthy activity, which will become part of your life, not an exercise you struggle to fit in, each day. A sustainable weight loss programme, should include a healthy balanced exercise programme, which gives you a new life style. From our nutritionist to our personal fitness trainer, we have a programme, designed for you.

Our weight loss holidays are about relaxing, having fun and then, you lose weight.

Why not try a Salsa, Rhumba or improve your Ceroc and let the European dance champions glide you to a new fitness high. You may want to try our walks for “townies”, you do not need boots or back pack, just a pair of trainers, whilst we walk you in the right direction, to fitness. Everyday you will visit new areas and enjoy the picturesque Costa Blanca, the most beautiful coastline on the Mediterranean.

A planned life style change which includes the way you eat and exercise will work

With obesity being widespread and a growing problem in the UK, more than 17% of English men and 19% of Scottish men being obese, obesity must be avoided if you want a healthy life style.

A healthy lifestyle should not just include weight loss but management of:

your weight through healthy eating
your calories burnt through aerobic exercise
your body tone and strengthening of your key muscle groups
your flexibility and posture
your general health, beauty and well-being goals
A healthy weight loss holiday must include exercise

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According to National Audit Office figures, sustained weight loss of five to 10 kilograms (11lbs – 22lbs) can reduce the chances of fatal heart disease by 9%, and can cut the chances of cancer by more than a third.

A healthy weight loss programme will result in the loss of between 0.5kg and 1kg per week. Any faster weight loss is liable to be put straight back on, over a period of weeks.

Cutting out sugar and fats may help you cut calories but you should not abstain from types of food, as your body needs a balanced varied diet. Do not try diets which claim you will lose pounds of weight in one week.

Any plan must include a healthy diet and exercise. It is not how much you eat but what you eat.


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